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  • Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box
  • Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box
  • Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box

Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box

  • Style: Childproof lock

  • Material: Tinplate

  • Dimensions: 3.15"(length)2.28"(width)×0.53"(height)

  • Usage :Flower, concentrates, edibles,ect.

  • Printing :customized artwork

  • Custom logo :Available

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The child proof tin box can keep flower and concentrates,edibles secure during even the roughest commutes thanks to the robust material used in the tin's construction.The child resistant lock meets strict state requirements for cannabis packaging.

Child-resistant edibles tin boxes are specially designed to be difficult for children to open, but easy for adults to access. These types of tin boxes are often used to store and transport edibles, such as cannabis products or other types of medication. The goal of a child-resistant edibles tin box is to prevent children from accidentally ingesting harmful substances, while still allowing adults to easily access the contents of the box.

Child-resistant edibles tin boxes typically have a number of safety features, such as a special locking mechanism or a push-and-turn closure that requires a certain amount of pressure and dexterity to open. Some child-resistant edibles tin boxes also have a clear window on the front, which allows the user to see the contents of the box without having to open it.

It is important to note that child-resistant edibles tin boxes are not completely childproof, and it is still important to keep all medications and other potentially harmful substances out of the reach of children.

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Child Resistant Edibles Tin BoxChild Resistant Edibles Tin Box

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