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Glass Concentrate Jars

A concentrate glass jar is a small, airtight container made of glass, specifically designed to store cannabis concentrates such as wax, shatter, budder, and oil. These jars help maintain the potency, flavor, and freshness of the concentrates by protecting them from exposure to air, moisture, and light.

Glass concentrate containers store your marijuana concentrates properly. Also known as dabs containers, oil containers and wax containers, our glass concentrate containers are made from high quality glass. We have 5ml, 9ml glass concentrate jars in clear glass, black glass and white glass with child resistant lids. Our glass concentrate containers can protect children from the accident caused by eating cannabis while keeping the contents fresh.

Use a quality glass concentrate jar to keep your concentrate fresh and potent. Our glass cannabis concentrate containers can be used for packaging wax, shatter, kief, hash, hash oil, CO2 oil, tinctures and resin. Our marijuana containers guarantee your cannabis extracts to be protected from exposure to air, heat, humidity and other potentially harmful elements.

Glass Concentrate Jar Features:

● Material: Glass cannabis concentrate containers are made of high-quality, non-reactive glass that doesn't affect the concentrate's flavor or quality.

● Airtight Seal: Often equipped with a screw-top lid or silicone seal to prevent air and moisture from entering.

● Sizes: Available in various sizes, typically ranging from 1 ml to 9 ml, to accommodate different amounts of concentrate.

● Transparency: Some jars are clear to allow for easy viewing of the contents, while others may be opaque or dark-tinted to protect the contents from light exposure.

● Durability: Glass is preferred for its durability and non-porous nature, which ensures that it doesn't absorb the concentrate's terpenes or cannabinoids.

● Labeling: Some jars come with labeling areas or pre-labeled sections for easy identification of the contents.

Glass Dab Containers Uses:

● Storage: Ideal for long-term storage of cannabis concentrates, maintaining their freshness and potency.

● Transportation: Convenient for safely transporting small amounts of concentrate without risk of contamination or damage.

● Dosing: Useful for precise dosing, as the contents are easily visible and accessible.

● Display: Often used in dispensaries or retail settings to display concentrates attractively and hygienically.

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