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Glass jar is made from natural materials including sand, limestone and soda ash. It's very safe, airtight, smell proof and completely recyclable. Glass jars or glass storage containers are the preferred curing jar or preservation container for dispensaries, growers and consumers. Glass jars can provide a better storage environment for cannabis where it can continue the curing process and extend the shelf life. Now glass jars have become a popular cannabis packaging and medical marijuana packaging in regulated markets.

We can supply borosilicate glass jars, original glass jars, white glass jars and ultraviolet glass jars. We can also supply premium lids including bamboo lids, metal lids, stainless steel lids, plastic lids, clear plastics lids, cork lids and even silicone-cork combination lids. All of the lids are airtight and fit the glass jars very well. We can also print your own logo on the lids and glass jars to promote your own brand.

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