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Edible Packaging

Edible packaging products are an innovative and sustainable alternative to traditional packaging materials. These products are designed to be eaten along with the food they contain or to decompose naturally, reducing waste and environmental impact.

All our cannabis packaging options include child resistant barrier bags, child proof glass jars,child resistant tins and are available in a variety of sizes. Designed for aesthetics, ease of use and a number of child resistant compliant features.

Kush Packaging is your best source for the best in marijuana flower packaging, concentrate packaging, and edible packaging at an industry best price. All of our packaging products can be fully customized to suit your branding needs

Our edible packaging is designed for virtually any edible from brownies and cookies to chocolates, candy, exlixers and more.

Benefits of Edible Packaging Products:

  • Environmental Sustainability: Reduces plastic waste and the need for non-biodegradable materials.

  • Convenience: Some edible packaging can be consumed along with the product, eliminating waste.

  • Innovation and Appeal: Attracts eco-conscious consumers and adds novelty to products.

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