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4 Advice to Choose Cannabis Packaging

Apr. 28, 2024

Cannabis is rapidly becoming a mainstream industry, with legalization happening in many parts of the world. As the industry grows, so does the need for effective and efficient packaging solutions for cannabis products. Choosing the right cannabis packaging can be challenging, especially with the many options available in the market today. Here are four essential pieces of advice to help you choose the right cannabis packaging for your products.


Consider Compliance Requirements

When choosing packaging for cannabis products, the first consideration should be regulatory compliance. Governments have established regulations and laws that govern the production, distribution, and sale of cannabis products, and these regulations extend to packaging requirements.


The packaging must adhere to specific regulations, including child-resistant features, labeling requirements, and opaque packaging, among others. For instance, some states require that cannabis packaging be tamper-evident and must not be easily opened by children.


It is essential to research and understands the legal requirements of your state or country before selecting packaging. This will help you to ensure that your packaging complies with all necessary regulations and avoids potential legal issues.

2oz Child Resistant Tins

 2oz Child Resistant Tins

Choose the Right Material

Choosing the right packaging material is essential to ensure product safety, shelf life, and compliance. Different types of packaging materials have varying properties, such as water resistance, UV protection, and odor barrier, among others.


Glass is a popular choice for cannabis packaging due to its superior UV protection, airtight seal, and durability. It also gives products a premium look and feel, which is essential for high-end cannabis products.


Plastic is another popular choice for cannabis packaging due to its flexibility, lightness, and affordability. It is also available in different colors and designs, making it easy to brand and differentiate products.


However, plastic is not as environmentally friendly as other materials, and some states have regulations against certain types of plastic. Paper packaging is also becoming more popular due to its eco-friendliness, but it may not be suitable for all types of cannabis products.


When choosing packaging material, consider the product's properties, such as its moisture content, fragrance, and shelf life, as well as regulatory compliance and branding.


Child Resistant Weed Packaging Mylar Bags

 Child Resistant Weed Packaging Mylar Bags

Prioritize Functionality

Cannabis packaging should not only be visually appealing but also functional. The packaging should be easy to use, store, and transport while protecting the product inside.


For instance, if you are packaging cannabis flowers, the packaging should be airtight to maintain the product's freshness and aroma. If you are packaging edibles, the packaging should be easy to open and reseal, and it should protect the product from moisture and air.


In addition, cannabis packaging should be designed for easy storage and transportation. It should be stackable, lightweight, and easy to carry.


When choosing to package, prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Although visually appealing packaging can be eye-catching, it can be a disadvantage if it is not functional. A good packaging design should combine both aesthetics and functionality to create an overall positive customer experience.


Child Resistant CBD Gummy Pouch Bags

Child Resistant CBD Gummy Pouch Bags

Think About Branding

Packaging is an essential part of brand identity, and it can help to differentiate your products from those of your competitors. Well-designed packaging can enhance the appeal of your products and build brand recognition.


When designing packaging, consider using colors, fonts, and graphics that reflect your brand's personality and values. Use packaging as an opportunity to tell your brand story and communicate with your customers.


In addition, consider adding labels that provide information about the product, such as THC and CBD content, dosage instructions, and the product's origin. This information can help customers make informed decisions and build trust in your brand.


However, keep in mind that branding should not come at the expense of compliance and functionality. Always ensure that your packaging meets regulatory requirements and is functional before adding any branding elements.

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