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Child Resistant Acylic Pre-Roll Tubes

Apr. 12, 2019

With the ever-increasing popularity Child Resistant Acylic Pre-Roll Tubes, combined tubes, pre-rolls, pre-rolled cones, spliffs, blunts and twisty glass -- joints and pre-roll tubes also have turned into an important cannabis packaging product for dispensaries and manufacturers. Joint tubes make are safe and suitable way of medical patients and amateur consumers to bundle and transfer their pre-roll products. Pre-roll packaging also functions as a brand consciousness opportunity for dispensaries and brands. Quality cannabis combined packing can act as a clear signal to consumers when confronted with the growing selection size of cannabis pre-roll manufacturers

To this end, we stock a wide variety of glossy, quality Child Resistant Acrylic Pre-Roll Tubes, joint tubes and marijuana cigarette packaging choices which will guard your pre-roll product while further boosting your brand standing.

In addition to child resistant joint tubes, our selection includes pre-roll sized child-resistant bags including mylar luggage , depart bags and pre-roll tamper evident bands to help keep your company in accord with local and state regulations. In addition, we've got a number of additional style pre-roll packaging tubes & vials, including glass pre-roll tubes that offer a more"top shelf" look. All our pre-roll products are offered at industry leading wholesale rates. And many products are available for same-day shipping.

Child Resistant Acylic Pre-Roll Tubes

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