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The Features Of Blister Packaging

Feb. 18, 2021

There are some good features of Blister Clamshell Packaging. Have you ever learned about it? Today we would like to share the following points with you. We hope you can learn some ideas about it today. 

1.Good protection. Because the blister package has good sealing performance, it can be waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, rust-proof and prolong the protection period. At the same time, it creates conditions for gas phase anti-rust packaging, and the anti-rust effect is better with the gas phase anti-rust agent.

Blister Clamshell Packaging

Blister Clamshell Packaging

2.Transparent and intuitive. The shape and size of the product can be easily seen through the Blister Packaging. The substrate can print basic information such as the product code, name, specification part number and barcode, which is convenient for the identification and number of the equipment in the package to avoid errors in sending and receiving.

3.Easy to use. The blister pack is easy to open and easy to use, and the single product is used without affecting the sealing and protection of other products.

4.Light weight. The blister pack is lighter in weight. In addition, the blister has a certain elasticity, so it has a certain cushioning performance, and no additional buffer material is needed for packaging, which saves storage space and reduces the cost of packaging.

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