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Why is Glass Jar Packaging More and More Popular?

Apr. 07, 2021

Glass Jar Packaging has been around for a long time. However, in recent years, as consumers have become more aware of environmentally friendly packaging and companies have rediscovered the benefits of glass, the conversion from plastic containers to glass has become more and more popular. Here, we will explore the benefits of increasing popularity of glass bottle packaging, including safety, sustainability and image.

Glass Jar

Glass Jar

Safety. The glass is made of all natural materials. Other packaging materials may have a negative impact on human health and the environment. Glass is the only packaging material marked as "generally recognized as safe" by the US Food and Drug Administration. There is no need to add chemicals during the production process, and Glass Containers can effectively protect food and beverages while maintaining the taste and purity of the product.

sustainable development. Glass is a 100% recyclable, sustainable single material (meaning it is not composed of multiple materials) that can be recycled continuously without loss of purity or quality. The recycled glass containers can be made into new glass bottles, thereby saving energy and raw materials. Other uses of recycled glass include landscaping, countertops, floors, concrete pavements and tiles.

image. The shelf influence of glass is different from other packaging materials. Its transparency, shape and texture are unmatched by plastic or cardboard. The transparency of the glass makes the product clearly visible, and the strength of the material contributes to its excellent appearance.

For more information about glass bottle packaging and other sustainable packaging materials, please contact the Glass Jar Supplier immediately.

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