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Packaging Product Innovation: Child-Resistant Packaging or Glass Jars

Apr. 20, 2021

As anyone who has opened a pill bottle in the last 50 years can attest, the child-resistant packaging has remained amazingly consistent: push, twist, and pop out the top. It's a concept that hasn't changed in decades, until now. The legalization of marijuana has created a wave of creativity among Cannabis Packaging Manufacturers looking for ways to reinvent child-resistant packaging design.

Black Glass Jars

Black Glass Jars

The advent of marijuana, and more specifically the requirement for it, has really changed the world of Child-Resistant Packaging in dramatic ways. Now, customers of cannabis dispensaries take home their purchases in beautiful boxes with slide-out sheaths, funky glass containers with bamboo tops and sleek mylar envelopes with built-in zippers.

As the industry has evolved, different containers and packaging have evolved and been refined. It's unclear how these newfangled products will affect the packaging industry itself, but the explosion of all things cannabis-related means that innovation will continue as more and more places legalize cannabis and look for ways to make it both accessible and safe.

Black Glass Jars are a new product that protects against sunlight and can keep the temperature of cannabis stable, ensuring no sunlight oxidizes it. Black glass is already popular with cannabis users. Of course, some users are a little unhappy with the packaging - the lid is hard to remove. But before the advent of the legal cannabis industry, the kind of packaging that would make everyone happy didn't exist.

There will be more and more innovations in the packaging industry, but until then, you can contact us if you have any needs, we offer a variety of packaging, visit https://www.kushpackagingproducts.com/ and hope you will be satisfied!

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