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What Are The Advantages Of Tinplate Cans?

Jul. 25, 2020

In some supermarkets, perhaps in gift shops, all kinds of products we can see have exquisite packaging. The intention is to make their products be bought back by customers. It is impressive. How important is a good packaging. , Si tin can is one of them, so what are the requirements for ink color when tinplate cans are colored!.

Compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, and paper containers, the iron cans have higher strength, good rigidity, and are not easy to break. Not only can be used for small sales packaging, but also the primary container for large shipping packaging. Excellent barrier properties: The iron cans have better barrier properties than any other materials. The gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, light-shielding properties, and fragrance retention are all good. In addition, the seal is reliable and can reliably protect the product. The requirements for colorful inks of Si-tin cans: printing colorful inks requires special requirements in addition to a certain degree of water resistance. The iron surface is impermeable to water and solvents, and needs to be dried by baking, so the ink needs to be heat-cured. The color power and durability of the pigment are relatively high. In addition to the basic functions of general offset printing inks, iron printing inks should also have heat resistance, strong ink film adhesion, impact resistance, good hardness, steam resistance and light resistance according to the characteristics of iron printing.

clear child resistant glass jars with black lid

clear child resistant glass jars with black lid

In the end, food cans, toys, metal photo frames, and barrels and cans of chemical products need to be cut, bent and stretched. Therefore, printing inks are required to have good adhesion to tinplate and corresponding mechanical functions. In order to improve the ink adhesion, it is first necessary to make a white primer on the horse iron before printing. Color is the base color of all pictures, with high brightness. Participating in other high-energy hues will improve the brightness of each hue and form a color gradation.

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