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Polyester Film Has the Following Advantages

Nov. 17, 2020

(1) High mechanical strength: The tensile strength of Polyester Film bags is 5-10 times that of polyethylene. Therefore, very thin 12 micron films can also be used. In addition, it also has the advantages of high strength and good impact resistance.

(2) When subjected to biaxial stretching, the heat resistance and cold resistance are good, the melting point is 260°C, and the softening point is 230 to 240°C. The shrinkage rate at high temperature is still small and has excellent dimensional stability, that is, heating at high temperature for a long time or heating at low temperature will not affect its excellent characteristics.

(3) Good oil resistance. Mylar Barrier Bags have good chemical resistance, and powders and tablets are not easy to melt and deteriorate after packaging. Excellent acid resistance. It has the ability to resist the corrosion of organic solvents, but it is easy to deteriorate when exposed to strong alkali.

(4) The permeability of water, steam and other gases is extremely low, so it has excellent moisture resistance and water resistance.

(5) Compared with other plastic films, it has good air-tightness and good odor blocking ability.

Polyester Film bags

Polyester Film bags

(6) Good transparency and light transmittance exceed 90%.

(7) Prevent poor penetration of ultraviolet rays.

(8) When the static electricity is high, antistatic treatment should be carried out before printing.

(9) Single-layer films are not easy to heat seal, so they are usually not used alone.

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