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Tips to Consider When Using Polyester Film Bags To Survive?

Mar. 11, 2021

Here are the tips on using polyester film bags shared by Mylar Bags Supplier , I hope it will be helpful to everyone

Polyester Film Bags

Polyester Film Bags

There is nothing complicated about using polyester film bags to preserve food and survival for a long time, but as you use them, you will be more proficient in bag sealing and proper use of oxygen absorbents. One of the most important things to note is that although polyester film bags are very strong and durable, they do not respond well to folding. 

The thickness of most high-quality Polyester Film Bags will cause multiple folds of the bag and produce small tears and pinholes in the bag itself. These small holes will lead to much less efficient survival work, and your food will not last long. I strongly recommend that you make sure to buy luggage from an online store that understands this fact, and like Mylar Shop, use the post box to send out luggage that needs to be folded multiple times. 

Another tip is that for long-term unattended food storage, you should consider using buckets and polyester film bags to prevent pests and rodents from biting them. The perfect storage method is meaningless, and then it is meaningless to let the mouse finally eat from the side of the bag! Another thing that is often overlooked when using polyester film bags to survive is to mark your bags correctly and clearly! You might laugh at the idea that people who are serious about survival may not be able to clearly label their food, but people are always observing it. When it comes to long-term food storage, which is the most common type of storage in survival scenarios, labeling your luggage correctly and permanently has become more important than ever!

What equipment is needed for the survival of polyester film bags?

Fortunately, very little equipment is required! Most serious survivalists may eventually invest in a vacuum heat sealer, but this is not required. Use an iron, a flat surface, a pair of scissors and a permanent marker to do all the work efficiently! I will not discuss the use and usage of polyester film bags and oxygen absorbents here, because we have a lot of information about this in the polyester film bag information section.

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