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7 Options for Legal Cannabis Packaging

Oct. 29, 2022

There are many different types of legal cannabis products on the market. The flowers and leaves are the most recognizable part of the cannabis plant, the packaging keeps your product fresh and provides valuable data, plus it provides you with a great opportunity for branding. That's why professional packaging is really important.

Regardless of the type of product you sell, there are many cannabis packaging options. Here are some elements of effective cannabis packaging for new markets.


Glass jars

Glass is known for not reacting with most chemicals, so you don't have to worry about THC or other active chemicals in cannabis leaching into the packaging.

In addition, because glass is transparent, glass packaging also allows the customer to see the color details of the product before opening it. This applies particularly to cannabis products in flower and leaf form. The flowers and leaves also contain chemicals that, depending on the strain, have a unique flavor and smell. Protecting them in sealed glass jars ensures the best customer experience.


Glass jar

Glass jar

Silicon jars

Silicon canisters are perfect for cannabis concentrates such as wax due to their non-stick properties. This allows customers to remove all products from the container, thus eliminating waste.

The silicon used for cannabis packaging is medical grade, so there is no chemical leaching as occurs with regular plastic.

While silicon canisters are typically used with concentrates, you can also use silicon canisters for high-quality cannabis strains, useful for discerning customers who want a high-quality cannabis strain.


Tin Containers

Tin containers usually have a clear plastic window at the top, allowing the consumer to view the product before purchasing. The solid lid protects against moisture and sunlight, so the product stays fresh and protected.

Tin containers are often coated and can be vacuum sealed with shrink wrap to retain product characteristics. Metal containers with clear tops are also useful for display as the product is visible and the container can be opened to allow the customer to smell it before purchase.


Tin Container

Tin Container

Plastic bottles

Bottles made from plastic are popular for single cannabis cigarettes as well as small quantities of cannabis leaf and flower. Many of these cannabis packaging bottles include child-safe caps that open by pushing down and turning, and as these types of vials and bottles are very similar to prescription drugs, these could be beneficial to the medical cannabis business. Labeling is also easy with these types of containers.


Plastic bottle

Plastic bottle

Mylar bags

Mylar bags, which have been used to package food and other organic items, are also suitable for cannabis packaging because they can hold a large amount of product and customers can see the product before they buy it. However, it is best to use opaque bags with a plastic window.

Alternatively, mylar bags can be easily labeled.

Polyester film pouche

 Polyester film pouche

Foil bags

Foil-lined bags are often used for coffee and tea as they not only keep out light and moisture but also retain subtle aromas and flavors. Foil bags are therefore also ideal for storing and selling cannabis products. Many foil bags are also resealable so that customers can store their cannabis in the bags once they have taken them home. Foil bags can be labeled, just like Mylar bags.


Child-resistant packaging

Most regions that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational sales have laws requiring specific types of child-safe seals so that only adults can use the product. Modern packaging manufacturers understand this need and offer a variety of child-safe packaging for cannabis businesses.


With more and more areas legalizing cannabis, finding the right branding, packaging, and marketing for all emerging cannabis products is not easy. Qingdao Kush Packaging Co., Ltd. is a specialist cannabis packaging solutions provider from China. If you're looking for the right bag for your cannabis products, we're the best choice!

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