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What Are The Advantages Of Tinplate Cans?

May. 18, 2021

Compared with other packaging containers, such as plastic, glass, and paper containers, the tin cans have high strength, good rigidity, and are not easy to break. Not only can it be used for small-scale sales packaging, but also the primary container for large-scale shipping packaging. Excellent barrier properties: Tinplate cans have better barrier properties than any other materials. They have good gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading properties, and fragrance retention properties. Together with reliable sealing, they can reliably protect products.

Tinplate Cans


The requirements for colorful inks for tin cans: Printing colorful inks not only requires a certain degree of water resistance but also has special requirements. The iron surface is impermeable to moisture and solvents and needs to be dried by baking, so the ink needs to be heat-curable. The coloring power and durability of pigments are high. In addition to the basic functions of offset printing ink, the iron printing ink should also have the characteristics of heat resistance, strong adhesion of the ink film, impact resistance, good hardness, cooking resistance, and light resistance according to the characteristics of the printing iron.

The adhesion and function of the ink: If it is made into a tinplate for food, maybe it is a tin can for packaging, and the iron prints will eventually be made into food cans, toys, metal photo frames, and barrels and cans for chemical products. , Bending and drawing process, so the printing ink has better adhesion to tinplate and corresponding mechanical function. In order to improve the ink adhesion, tinplate is the primary requirement before printing. White is the base colour of all the pictures and has a high brightness. Participate in other high-energy hues in the future, can improve the brightness of each hue to form a gradation.

Child Resistant Exit Bags are made of sturdy high-quality tinplate. We can produce according to the size and artwork required by customers. Anti-virus child tin cans are made of sturdy materials because of the structure of their cans, which can keep flowers and concentration safe even during the most difficult commuting process. Child-resistant screw caps can meet strict requirements for Cannabis Packaging.

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