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What are the Key Elements of Cannabis Packaging?

May. 24, 2021

Cannabis growers take great pride in their product, so many prefer to package their flowers in beautiful, functional and professional finished packaging.

As a true Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Manufacturer, we have summarized the following key factors for farmers, distributors and retailers who want to turn their carefully crafted flowers into sophisticated consumer products in today's competitive industry.

1. Compliance with regulatory requirements

Legalization has introduced new safety considerations and packaging rules. Compliance with state and local regulations is an important design consideration, and more generally, there is a limit to what can be done to brand cannabis flowers.

There are many compliance issues to consider when it comes to packaging. Can consumers see the flowers through the packaging? Can they open it and smell it in the store? It is important to determine the local regulatory requirements.

Glass jars

Glass jars

In most legal cannabis markets, flowers must be pre-packaged in sealed, child-safe containers to prevent consumers from seeing the appearance and smell of the product. Some dispensaries may smell the sample, while others may not smell it at all, but the flower sample on the floor will still be dry and lose its appeal quickly. Each region has a different way of adapting the final flower packaging and presentation to the retail environment, which influences the packaging decision.

2. Meet customer preferences

Experienced and discerning cannabis consumers look for a number of important features when shopping. These are essential considerations when considering whether to package harvested buds (and how much to spend to present your product). Modern shoppers are looking for a big, dark look, rich color, and the appearance of well-manicured (machine or hand-trimmed) buds. Many also dig into the actual wool of the plant to determine its effectiveness.

If the flowers do well in these areas, it is recommended that they be displayed in some way. Glass jars look professional and show flavor, but if the country needs you from the customer's point of view, product protection is not an option. For inexpensive flowers, a simple jar will suffice. Therefore, your main challenge is to find a packaging solution that maintains compliance while maintaining all the highest quality your buds can offer.

One solution. Use color and other visual elements to convey mood, aroma and flavor. In this way, these qualities can continue to shine in a meaningful way, even in separated bags.

3. Another secret is to invest in retailer education so that sales partners can explain the scent and effects of flowers directly to their customers. Over time, you can make your customers feel your scent characteristics even if they can't smell the product in the store.

Whichever method you choose, there are ways to brand cannabis flower, but your imagination is still left blank. Contact an experienced Cannabis Exit Packaging Supplier today to find flower packaging solutions for your business.

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