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Beautiful Packaging for Cannabis Concentrates

May. 08, 2024

To make it safe for children glass, silicone, acrylic or polystyrene canisters are ideal for packaging most industrial hemp concentrates. Containers with rounded corners ensure that the concentrate inside is less likely to be damaged and spilled.


The significance of packaging


Modern people's aesthetic requirements are reflected in all aspects of life, and it is common to meet people who, after shopping, will say "the packaging is very good, very high-grade" The "good" here does not only refer to the visual beauty, but also implicitly reveals a sense of goodwill and trust in the brand.


Quality packaging is indeed important, it is like the first meeting between the product and the customer, mixed with the establishment of goodwill, trust and other emotional connections, from the trademark to the packaging of all the content will affect the shopping experience of potential buyers.

Child Resistant CBD Gummy Pouch Bags

Child Resistant CBD Gummy Pouch Bags

1. Protection of products, so that the items are not damaged by factors such as extrusion, collision and direct sunlight.


2. Convenient storage and transportation, increasing the volume and reducing the cost of transportation.


3. To convey the personality of the product and the cultural positioning of the company, highlighting the characteristics of the brand.


4. Increase consumers' shopping desire and curiosity, promote consumption and bring better revenue to the business.


Packaging for hemp


With the industrial hemp market heating up extremely fast, industrial hemp growers and retailers are joining the burgeoning industrial hemp packaging market. The hope is that this will lead to more rapid growth in the industrial hemp consumer market and wider public acceptance and use of industrial hemp.


In addition to being attractive and child-safe, industrial hemp bags must also protect the item from abuse and guarantee shelf life. The ideal industrial hemp package is sturdy, tamper-resistant, and an effective barrier against moisture, UV rays, and other contaminants. In particular: "odor-proof", packaging that protects against odors is the most popular among consumers.

1ml Luer Lock Glass Syringe with Metal Plunger

1ml Luer Lock Glass Syringe with Metal Plunger


Industrial hemp packaging options fall into two categories, flexible and rigid packaging. Rigid packaging (such as glass, metal or plastic), among others, protects the product well and can be reused. On the other hand, flexible packaging bags are a flexible option, allowing industrial hemp products to be designed in bags that are less likely to tear or puncture, are cheaper than most rigid materials, take up less storage space and cost less to ship. And even if these bags are not recyclable, they are often biodegradable, improving environmental friendliness on the other hand.


Cannabis concentrates are one of the most valuable cannabis products. They are sensitive and fragile. Because of their extremely high THC content and value, they must be stored in the right packaging to maintain their potency and shelf life.


Qingdao Kush Packaging Co.,Ltd Concentrate containers such as: child-resistant glass concentrate containers, silicone containers, acrylic containers and plastic containers. They are also available in many different sizes, styles and airtight lid mechanisms. Whether it's screw-on lids, hinged lids, screw-on lids, pop-off features or compliant lids for child-safe concentrate containers, we have the solution.


Our child-safe glass concentrate jars are the most popular concentrate containers. If you are interested in our packaging products, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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