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Best Cannabis Packaging Tips

Nov. 26, 2022

No matter what product you sell, the packaging is crucial. It needs to be consistent with your brand and be eye-catching. In the cannabis industry, competition is fierce. Here are some tips to follow for cannabis packaging.

Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging

Characteristics of cannabis packaging

1. The packaging should be in line with your company's brand.

Customers want to be able to recognize your brand when they see it. They will not be loyal to a company whose values are not aligned. For example, if your company gives off a sense of elegance and exclusivity, then the packaging needs to reflect that. And if your company is more relaxed, then your packaging design can be a little more fun.

2. Resealable.

Make sure there is a resealable strip to help preserve freshness and storage, and that the material is strong enough to last a considerable amount of time. In addition, the cannabis packaging should be waterproof to keep the contents dry, fresh, and intact.

3. Have discretion.

Not everyone wants people to know they use cannabis. Having packaging that reflects your actual customer base is crucial. Make sure the packaging is small enough to be inconspicuous, yet large enough to hold the amount it needs to hold.

4. The packaging needs to be durable.

The customer wants to be able to get the cannabis package into the bag safely and quickly, so the package needs to be sturdy and durable, and sealed without worrying about the contents falling out of the bag. This allows the customer to use the original packaging as a storage option.

Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging

Best Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis packaging mostly comes in sachets and keeps the flower dry and fresh, and it has resealable strips at the top. These come in different sizes, depending on the amount contained in the package itself. This type of packaging makes it easy for the user to store and can be kept out of sight.

Sealed jars are also great for storage, but are also suitable as gifts. Primary packaging is perfect for storing flowers while still keeping them fresh and safe. After use, you can use the jars for other purposes. This type of packaging can be sold with a box to give a more "gift" feel. Sealed jars are a great way to protect cannabis flowers from damage during transport. However, this type of packaging can easily dent or scratch if thrown around a little, so a box can be chosen to protect it until it reaches its intended destination.

For upscale clients who prefer a sophisticated and elegant design, the best cannabis packaging is gift-style packaging that not only protects the jar from damage but also allows for labeling depending on the contents.

Basic Tips

Before considering certain advanced design features for your packaging, you should make sure that you have followed some basic tips.

1. Choose quality materials that will stand the test of time, be durable and serve as useful storage tools for your customers.

2. Make sure to include some sort of sealing device on the package that will not only be waterproof but also keep the contents fresh and dry.

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