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Our Black Child Resistant Glass Jar Is a Good Choice

Mar. 22, 2019

Don't compromise -- use Black Child Resistant Glass Jar with Lids for the two higher-level and child resistant packaging! The combination of the crisp glass, the flush cap, and also the vibrant buds inside are certain to be a winner!

These Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar are manufactured using glass that's thick, sturdy, and extremely transparent. Clarity aside, these glass jars also come with black child resistant lids. The caps have a sleek surface -- perfect for adding labels or printing logos -- and ridged sides for improved grip. In addition, the lids incorporate a liner that provides an air-tight seal that locks in freshness and scents while keeping out undesirable moisture. In the end, because the cap sits flush with the straight-walled surfaces of the jar, that is the most perfect platform for fast and efficient tag customization or application with your brand.

Black Child Resistant Glass Jar

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