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Cannabis Storage Factors B

Mar. 18, 2019

Child Proof Glass Jars as an alternative to cabinets and drawers, many people think that wrapping marijuana with aluminum foil and putting it in the refrigerator can keep it fresh for a longer period of time. There are several reasons why this method does not work. First, fluctuating temperatures can lower your herbs and cause bacteria to grow.

Second, the low temperature of the refrigerator absorbs moisture and damages the resin glands, causing vibration. The refrigerator is even worse because the temperature can cause the trichome to become an icicle and then break. No one wants this. Unless you never open the refrigerator again, you can trust that your medicine will be damaged.

4. Limit oxygen exposure

At the time of purchase, high grade cannabis has undergone a long curing process, carefully controlling exposure to air during this process. This ensures that the patient receives ready-to-use flowers and retains the total sputum and cannabinoid content.

Once you buy it, you need to make sure your marijuana keeps its freshness and minimizes exposure to the air. The best solution is to seal a container, such as a Storage Glass Jars, to form a strong seal around the drug. Of course, there is a little breathing space to help. Fill the container, but don't fill the container, so there is no space to move.

Child Proof Glass Jars

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