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What Exactly Is a Blister Tray (Blister Packaging)?

Dec. 04, 2020

To know what a blister tray is, we must first know what a blister is. Blistering is a plastic processing method, which is to heat the blister sheet to use vacuum suction to adsorb the sheet on the surface of the mold, and then cool and shape. The blister tray is a kind of plastic tray made by the blister process, which is mostly used for partitioning and fixing, turnover transportation, because Blister Packaging is mostly formed with thin materials to form a larger area, which is difficult to achieve by means of injection molding (Note Insufficient), and the cost is lower if the material is thin.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

Blister trays are mainly used in three areas: electronics, food and hardware. Due to different requirements in the electronics industry, some trays need to have anti-static effects to prevent precision electronic components from being damaged due to electrostatic effects, so an anti-static blister tray has been extended, which has an anti-static effect. It can well protect the electronic components inside. Blister packaging in the food industry, just walk into a supermarket, vegetables and fruits, chilled meat, seafood area, a variety of Food Blister Packaging.

The materials used for blister trays are generally PET and PVC materials in the hardware and electronic industries; in the food industry, there are two kinds of materials, one is transparent PET material, and the other is white, black or milky white PP material. If it is an anti-static blister tray, the requirements are different according to the anti-static index, and three environmentally friendly materials, PET, PP and PS, may be used.

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