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Hemp Product Packaging and Consumer Decisions

Dec. 11, 2020

Want to make your product stand out? Having quality labels, neat label applications, and unique packaging can make a major difference in the way potential consumers view your products. In the Cannabis Industry, it is vital to understand the compliance regulations that follow so that your business can be conducted.

Market research shows that there is a correlation between packaging-based product decisions. In the eyes of consumers, product packaging is directly related to product quality. Strong branding and packaging are associated with high-quality content.

Think two steps forward, and your consumers will become another marketing channel. After purchase, a large part of consumers will reuse Cannabis Packaging, if it is interesting enough, they will share the packaging pictures.

Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis Packaging

What steps can you take to disrupt the game?

1. Ensure label quality: avoid problems such as wrinkles, raised edges, bubbles, tearing during the pasting process, and non-stick adhesives

2. Ensure the quality of the container and know its size

3. Establish brand color: understand that color has psychological power in marketing

Red: bold, energetic, powerful

Orange: warm, friendly, confident

Yellow: happiness, youth, fun

Green: growth, nature, prosperity

Blue: calm, safe, trust

Purple: imaginative, intelligent, sophisticated

Black: confident, serious and powerful

You can learn more about color psychology in marketing here.

4. Establish packaging design: "Your design is the silent spokesperson of the brand"-strive to create products that match your vision and create an experience for consumers

5. Cooperating with label printing/packaging companies can help speed up and ensure the quality of designs, labels and packaging.

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