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Cannabis Children Proof Packaging Is Growing

Nov. 30, 2021

Cannabis growers take great pride in their product, so many prefer to package their flowers in beautiful, functional and professional finished packaging. In 2018, Canada officially legalized recreational marijuana, and all Canadians were allowed to use, grow and sell cannabis. 2019 saw the official legalization of edible cannabis products in Canada, and they were allowed to be sold starting in mid-December.

448g (1LB) Child Resistant Weed Packaging Mylar Bags

Whether it is the legalization of marijuana or the legalization of marijuana food, it is impossible to eliminate the harm, so for many parents the responsibility is heavier and more worried, afraid that their children are exposed to these marijuana foods, after all, sometimes it is difficult for adults to distinguish these foods.

Parents are worried that their children may accidentally consume foods containing marijuana ingredients or marijuana pills that they use to treat illnesses.

To prevent these cannabis snacks from appealing to children, Health Canada has mandated that the products introduced by manufacturers must be produced in strict compliance, and that packaging and labeling must also be clearly marked with the cannabis logo, listing the THC and CBD content, and also require the use of child-safe packaging.

Legalization introduces new safety considerations and packaging rules. Compliance with state and local regulations is an important design consideration, and more generally, there is a limitation in branding cannabis flower. There are many compliance issues to consider when it comes to packaging. Can consumers see the flowers through the packaging? Can they open it and smell it in the store? It is important to determine the local regulatory requirements.

In most legal cannabis markets, flowers must be pre-packaged in sealed, child-safe containers to prevent consumers from seeing the appearance and smell of the product. Some dispensaries may smell the sample, while others may not smell it at all, but the flower sample on the floor will still be dry and lose its appeal quickly. Each region has a different way of adapting the final flower packaging and the retail environment in which it is presented, which influences the packaging decision.

Plastic packaging is known to have unique advantages for cannabis over other child-resistant packaging products. In addition, coupled with the fact that there are still no uniform standards for cannabis packaging across the U.S., some plastic packaging manufacturers are beginning to seize the opportunity to move into this area. Currently 40% of states across the country have legalized medical marijuana, and four of those states also allow recreational use of marijuana. As a result, this fast-growing market presents opportunities for the flexible and rigid plastic packaging industry.

ABC Packaging, an Ohio-based company that acts as a sales agent for several plastic packaging plants, said it suddenly noticed a big increase in business just five or six years ago and analyzed the impact of the legalization of the marijuana trade in California. Subsequently, more regions joined the trend, bringing a larger market.

Relevant industry sources said that although the current mylar bagsand other flexible packaging is playing a significant role, but the rigid plastic bottle packaging market share should not be underestimated. In particular, small polypropylene tubes with lids that pop out are very popular, and pressure applied to the side walls allows the lids to pop out. Protection of cannabis from crushing, air tightness, and a variety of shapes and colors are significant advantages of rigid packaging.

Cannabis Children Proof Packaging Is Growing

U.S. cannabis sales reached $3 billion in 2018 and are expected to exceed $10 billion this year. Meanwhile, the market for cannabis child-resistant packaging reached tens of millions of dollars last year and is expected to grow substantially in the coming years. It's a good idea for cannabis suppliers to work on their packaging if they want to stand out, both to attract customers and to bring safety to their children, so contact KUSH Packaging today to customize the cannabis packaging you want.

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