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Cannabis Packaging Sets Your Product Apart

Mar. 26, 2020

Branding is an important part of the cannabis product development process; it also happens to be part of the business, where laws and regulations have a huge impact.

While adhering to state and local policies, you may be asked to remove certain visual elements and text from your brand in order to create a marketable packaged cannabis product. It may seem frustrating, but these regulations have been put in place to regulate the industry and protect consumers.

The good news is that cannabis brands can spread their identity in multiple ways. Top brands are thinking beyond the packaging itself and looking for unique ways to maximize the potential of their products in the retail environment.

To create cannabis products and accessories that truly stand out and build customer loyalty, you must first take advantage of the trends and consumer habits that make your chosen market unique.

Consider your state's best-selling categories and individual products. Are flowers dominating sales, or are they dominated by concentrates, food, or other product categories? Once you know this, you can not only focus on the product and packaging, but also accurately find out how the top companies in this category perform in other products. Maybe they are holding a demo day and setting up special displays in the pharmacy, or distributing branded booty. The best-selling cannabis brands rarely just put products on the shelf, and there is almost always another tactic at work.

Researching the best-selling products will help guide your choices and make the smartest next step, especially if you have a limited budget for branding. Before you start designing your own product, you may need to allocate a large budget for market research.

How to develop retail attention

Once you understand the macro world of the state's legal cannabis industry, you can carefully analyze the micro world of products and experience in your local pharmacy. Doing so will reveal opportunities that your brand can take advantage of to make it easier to identify and spark interest.

Learn as much as you can about the shelf space of your products by visiting as many pharmacies as possible and seeing what catches you. In today's extremely competitive legal cannabis market, retailers often charge high fees for selected shelf space, which is a very common practice, so be prepared to negotiate and fight for the best job.

Stay social and talk to the general manager of each pharmacy you visit-is there some kind of special packaging that will make their job easier and improve their customer's experience, maybe a co-branded exit bag or Pre-Roll Barrier Bags? Become a supplier that considers solutions and achieves results for your retail partners, and you get a reputational reward.

Pre-Roll Barrier Bags

Pre-Roll Barrier Bags

Where can companies get the best value for money on accessory brands? Your profit is important, and buying different brands of Cannabis Packaging everywhere doesn't necessarily lead to the best volume deals. The easiest way to get great value is to choose a proven supplier partner to provide and customize all the accessories and packaging you may need.

Kush is home to cannabis brand experts who understand your mission, the retail and distribution environment, and the various regulations that affect your products. Over the years, we have been providing customized hemp packaging and branding services, and continuing to innovate in areas such as Child Resistant Packaging and sustainable packaging, and we are honored to make your vision a reality.

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