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About Child Resistant Pre-Roll Bags

Apr. 26, 2019

These Child Resistant Pre-Roll Bags fill an assortment of needs for the necessities everything being equal. For the individuals who need a pleasant zipper pocket or sack in explicit gram or ounce sizes, you would almost certainly select from an assortment of baggie sizes to suit your particular needs. These were for retail weed, restorative maryjane drug, or for sealing concentrate holders for wax, touches, and oil concentrates. For states that require full hazy sacks, we offer the pockets in both white and dark shading alternatives. For organizations that might want a sack with an unmistakable sided back, we offer shading alternatives in vista (shading on one side and straightforward plastic on the rear).

These Pre-Roll Barrier Bags are developed of PET/PE plastic, and are heat sealable, with a thickness of more than four mil, and with no simple open table, dimple, corner, or fold as required by WAC 314-55-105 Packaging and Labeling Requirements set by the State of Washington. Warmth sealers for these sacks can be acquired independently from our web based business store.

Child Resistant Pre-Roll Bags

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