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Plastic Concentrate Containers Needs To Open Up New Fields

Apr. 20, 2019

Plastic Concentrate Containers are a special form of packaging that combines the advantages of plastic and glass. It has a high-end side, and it has the advantages of low cost and resistance to plastic bottle packaging. It can be said that it is very popular in the market. This is what is needed for 6ml Concentrate Glass Jars, so acrylic bottle packaging is very popular in this market.

At present, acrylic bottle manufacturers are also actively exploring new packaging fields, and are also increasingly used in other packaging forms such as health care bottle packaging. However, acrylic materials are lacking in high temperature resistance. This makes it difficult to make a good market breakthrough in the packaging of acrylic bottles in the field of food and beverage packaging.

For acrylic bottles, more efforts are needed to improve the materials so that they can enter more fields, such as food packaging, chemical packaging, etc.

Plastic Concentrate Containers

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