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Comparison Between Blister Packs And Body Packs

Sep. 26, 2019

The Blister Packaging has many structural forms, including a single blister substrate structure and a double blister non-substrate structure, and the packaging material is mainly composed of a blister-forming thermoplastic film and a back cover substrate.

There are many types of plastic films that can be used for blister packaging. The plastic film and the suitability of the package must be considered when selecting, that is, the material needs to meet the technical requirements of the blister package while minimizing the cost. Generally, materials for blister packaging include cellulose, polystyrene, polyethylene resin, polyvinyl chloride, composite aluminum foil, etc., wherein polyvinyl chloride has excellent transparency, good thermoformability and heat sealability and high. Gas barrier, the addition of plasticizer can improve cold resistance and impact strength, the use effect is better, the cost is lower, can be preferred, the thickness range is between 0.10-0.25mm.

Blister Packaging

Blister Packaging

The substrate is also a major component of the blister package. As with plastic films, the size, shape, and mass (weight) of the package must be considered when selecting. The substrate mainly consists of white paperboard, coated composite materials (mainly coated with heat seal coating), corrugated cardboard, coated aluminum foil and polyvinyl chloride.

Although blister packaging and body packaging are of the same type of packaging, their packaging methods are slightly different, so each has its own advantages and disadvantages. After comparison, it can be selected according to their characteristics and packaging requirements of the product.

The common features of blister packaging and body packaging are shared by Blister Clamshell Packaging Factory:

1. It is generally transparent packaging, almost all of the goods can be seen;

2. Through the shape design of the substrate and exquisite printing, the display can be hung and the promotional effect of the product can be enhanced;

3. It can be packaged into groups, many parts, and complex shapes;

4. Compared with other packaging methods, the cost is higher, labor is more expensive, and efficiency is lower. The different characteristics of blister packaging and body packaging are shown in the table.

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