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What Characteristics Should Be Available For Vacuum Packaging?

Oct. 12, 2019

Vacuum packaging products must be packaged, transported, sold, etc. throughout the circulation process. Each link requires packaging materials to have corresponding characteristics. The following points are shared by Barrier Bags Factory.

1. Protection performance: vacuum packaging should protect the contents, so that its performance and reliability are not affected by external mechanical factors such as impact or vibration, environmental substances such as water or air, and climatic conditions (such as temperature), maintaining a good vacuum sealing effect.

2. Operational performance: For vacuum packaging printing materials, it is necessary to have printability or to solve the printing fastness problem after pretreatment. It also requires a certain degree of rigidity and stiffness, can be adapted to the automatic packaging of packaging machinery, adapt to heat sealing mechanical sealing, bag making, and has the characteristics of easy filling of articles, easy to expose and the like.

3. Transfer and storage performance: The package must have a certain compressive strength, and it is not easily damaged when subjected to general pressure in the circulation field. The shape of the package should be easy to pile up and occupy less space.

4. Promotional performance: If it is a printing vacuum packaging bag, the color of the packaging should be novel, the color of the decoration printing should be clear and generous, meet the hobbies of people in the sales area, and have the market competitiveness. In addition, it is also required to be free of static electricity to protect it from dust.

Barrier Bags

Barrier Bags

Our company produces good quality Barrier Bags. The performance of our company's isolation bags is as follows:

1. The inner and outer layers of the anti-static shielding bag are transparent antistatic materials, and the middle layer is a translucent conductive metal layer.

2. With good anti-static, electrostatic shielding performance, effectively isolate the object and external electrostatic field, prevent static electricity generated inside the bag, can shield ESD electrostatic discharge of external personnel, equipment and greatly reduce external electromagnetic interference.

3. The appearance of silver-gray translucent, can be seen through the package.

If you have any question about our Anti-static Shielding Bag, feel free to contact us.

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