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How To Keep Children Away From Dangerous Goods?

Oct. 18, 2019

In daily life, there are many dangerous items for children. As it turns out, because the child’s curiosity is very heavy, and the spirit of the newborn calf is not afraid of the tiger, I can’t help but try everything that can bring a novelty. Lead to a variety of serious consequences. For example, many desiccants on the Internet corrode eyeball incidents, boys swallow plasticine poisoning, etc., which are inadvertently happening by parents. We need to be vigilant. So what are the dangerous items or items that may appear in life? Our Child Resistant Packaging Manufacturer can give you some ideas.

1. Various drugs or chemicals

Like the boy who used the desiccant before, causing lifelong blindness, who can expect? This reminds us to let the child know the dangers of the desiccant, or to collect the desiccant within the limits of its ability. Many children see a whims of “maybe delicious” when they see certain drugs taken by their parents. They can't help but try to make the chances of taking drugs a lot, especially children. Therefore, all kinds of dangerous chemicals in the home should be carefully locked and locked. All kinds of medicines should be locked in a fixed place. Toilets, shampoos, cosmetics and other items should be kept in a place where children can't reach them. Another is to put these items in a bag that children can't open, such as using a Child Resistant Bags.

Child Resistant Bags

Child Resistant Bags

2, sharp objects

It is estimated that most families will collect these items without a small reminder. A sharp knife such as a kitchen knife, scissors, a razor, a needle, a fork, and a nail.

3, small importable items

When children are playing, they can't help but put things in their mouths. When parents buy toys, please pay attention to them. Try to choose a large size and not easy to plug in the entrance. If there are small toys, please remember the number of toys, in case The child ate into his mouth. Some small items in the home, such as buttons, batteries, pendants, etc., should also be packed up. These items can also be used in Barrier Bags, where the mortgage children can't touch them.

4, windows and balconies

There are often news that children fall in windows/balcony and other places. Some are bears and children are naughty to imitate cartoons, and some are curious to climb up to the balcony. In any case, parents should pay attention to these places, install the fence, and be optimistic about the child to keep him away from the window and balcony.

5, the container with hot water

A burnt child is not uncommon for a hospital. Due to the negligence of the parents, hot water bottles, soup bowls, cups filled with hot water, etc. are placed in places where the children can reach. If a carelessness occurs, a tragedy will occur. So please keep these hot items out of reach of children.

In summary, the most dangerous potential "poisonous" drugs in the family are as follows. Drugs (especially iron preparations), cleaning products, pesticides, etc. should be put up in children's protective bags in time, placed in high places, where children can't see or reach. Store the drug and the daily chemical product in the original packaging container.

The above is about how to keep children away from dangerous goods. Simply put, these dangerous goods are put up and placed in places that children can't touch. At this time, children's protective bags are needed. In addition, if you have this need, you can contact us, our company is a packaging company, producing a variety of packaging products including children's protective bags, you are welcome to buy.

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