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Benefits: Concentrates Container and Pre-rolled Cannabis

Aug. 17, 2021

In recent years, the consumption of cannabis concentrates has increased many-fold due to its medicinal effects. The global legal cannabis market is worth more than $13 billion. It is expected to grow to over $60 billion by 2025. Just as important as success is the fact that custom cannabis packaging doesn't have to be expensive. Investing in high-quality glass jars, mylar bags and child-resistant containers will ensure that your customers perceive your business as reputable for not only ensuring consumer safety, but also for delivering high-quality products.

Many patients who have been advised to limit their consumption of such concentrates do not know how they should safely store these medications. If purchased in large quantities, cannabis concentrates need to be stored safely to maintain their quality. Cannabis concentrates are notorious for being very sticky and difficult to store. As any concentrate consumer can attest, most storage options usually leave a trail of product in them. That's why you need a reliable container. Follow KUSH packaging to see the next.

Cannabis Concentrates

Cannabis packaging company tells you some of the reasons why concentrates storage containers are important.


1. Glass containers maintain potency

Most cannabis products can be safely stored in glass products because they are resistant to air and moisture. If kept in the open, the potency of concentrates can be compromised over time. Also, these containers have high surface strength and are not prone to breakage. KUSH packanging has many kinds of glass children resistant containers.

2. Preservation of quality

For most cannabis variants, including concentrates, too much heat and light can affect their quality. When stored in well-sealed, high-quality cannabis packaging containers, they are less prone to degradation and can be preserved for longer periods of time. Not only that, it also keeps the concentrates fresh. With a viscous-textured concentrate, quality containers prevent cannabis from being wasted on their interior walls. They also prevent the risk of product contamination.

3. Affordable

Plastic containers can be purchased in bulk online and are specifically designed to meet cannabis packaging needs and are the preferred choice for storing cannabis concentrates. The high-quality plastics used to make these containers prevent chemical reactions with the concentrates. These advantages make them popular among online suppliers and direct customers.

Pre-rolled cannabis

Pre-rolled cannabis joints are created by using cannabis flower. When we use pre-rolled cannabis, we don't need to grind and roll cannabis flower. Smoking pre-rolled cannabis is the easiest way to consume cannabis. Sometimes, we have to buy edibles to consume cannabis or marijuana. But with marijuana rolls, we don't have to spend extra money. Instead, it brings convenience. Child proof containers wholesaler tells you what are the different types of cannabis pre-roll packs. As for marijuana e-cigarette, we have vape cartridge packaging tubes.


1) Classical and King Size Marijuana Cigarettes

A classical marijuana cigarette usually contains 0.5 grams to 1.5 grams of marijuana flower. It is rolled in a specific paper. King size marijuana cigarettes are the same as classic marijuana cigarettes, except that we use large size bleached paper in them.

2) Soaked and Rolled Marijuana Cigarettes

The soaked and rolled marijuana cigarette can be explained by its name. This marijuana cigarette is filled with marijuana and is soaked in it. It's as simple as that. A caviar marijuana cigarette is filled with caviar, not cannabis flower.

KUSH containers are reliable. We offer our customers the best quality products that meets the local cannabis packaging regulations with competitive price and fast delivery. 

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