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How to Grow Flowers in Glass Containers?

Jan. 21, 2021

The glass jars used for growing flowers are not like Storage Glass Jars. It is best to use Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar. When growing plants in the bottle, pay attention to :

Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar

Clear Child Resistant Glass Jar

1. Pick small plants: choose plant species that can thrive in humid environments. 

2. Provide indirect light: Too much sunlight will burn the plants growing in Glass Containers, and lack of the sun is not suitable for plant growth. East and west-facing windows are best, and the location of the plant container should be moved frequently. Change the fresh air. Occasionally ventilate the plants in the glass container. Open the container every two weeks to dry for a few hours, and screw the lid back on. If there is no condensation on the glass, water the plants slightly. 

3, repair the pocket garden: often take off flowers and leaves. Infected plants affect aesthetics, and they can easily cause fungal and bacterial infections. To keep the inside and outside of the glass container clean, wipe the wall of the container frequently. 

4. Separation of excess plants: Trim the plants regularly. When ferns and tropical moss grow dense and become crowded, separate the excess plants as the material for breeding new glass container plants

 5. Prevent bacterial growth: When the fungus first appears, cover it with a paper towel and wipe it off completely so that the bacterial spores will not spread.

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