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The Performance, Characteristics and Advantages of Polyester Film Bags

Jan. 14, 2021

Polyester Film Bags are usually transparent and glossy films with high rigidity, high hardness and toughness, good air tightness and fragrance retention. They are one of the commonly used transparent composite film substrates and are relatively cost-effective film products.

Polyester film bags have very good printing performance, super stretchability, very suitable for printing and aluminized coating materials, and occupy a large market position in the printing industry and aluminized industry.

Polyester film bag is a kind of polymer material, high temperature resistance, melting point reaches 260 degrees Celsius, even in the range of minus 70 degrees Celsius to minus 220 degrees Celsius, it still shows good toughness and toughness, is very suitable for aluminum plating material.

Polyester Film Bags

Polyester Film Bags

Polyester Film Isolation Bag is an indispensable packaging material in the packaging industry. It has multiple functions such as dustproof, windproof and moistureproof, which can protect the products inside, and its application is wide.

The main advantages of polyester film bags are reflected in the following aspects:

1. High stability, high temperature resistance can reach about 130°C for a long time, and about 180°C within 1 hour.

2. It has low haze and high light transmittance, high surface finish, and small thickness tolerance.

3. The base film has excellent mechanical strength and chemical properties.

4. In terms of environmental protection, there is no need to worry about the high degree of decomposition and solubility of the polyester film.

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