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How Important Is Child-resistant Bottle Safe Packaging?

Nov. 26, 2019

Child-safe packaging refers to packaging that protects children's medicines that are used to store a certain amount of toxic and hazardous substances in the family and cause harm to children. Its structure can ensure that it is difficult for most children to open or to take out the contents in a reasonable time, which plays a protective role.

In addition, as people's awareness of health increases, the requirements for the function of medicinal plastic bottles are becoming more and more demanding. Therefore, pharmaceutical packaging needs to inject more new elements, so that medical plastic bottles can better meet people's needs. What aspects of the future development of medicinal plastic bottles are necessary? What is the importance of preventing children from opening the safe packaging of bottles? Pre-Roll Barrier Bags suppliers will introduce to you next.

In the future, medicinal plastic bottles should be provided with a child-resistant function, that is, a child-resistant safety packaging: usually at home, some commonly used drugs will be prepared at home. Some children at home will open the drugs because of curiosity, which may cause ingestion of drugs Therefore, it is necessary to prevent children from opening the bottle. This packaging is not the same as the ordinary bottle cap. It needs to be pressed to open the bottle cap. Because the coordination of children is poor, this plastic bottle can effectively prevent children from opening the medicine bottle. Occurrence of ingestion of drugs, such as Child Resistant Glass Jars.

Pre-Roll Barrier Bags

Pre-Roll Barrier Bags

With the continuous development and progress of the medical industry, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle packaging industry will continue to introduce new ideas and improve product competitiveness!

Drug packaging should not only improve patient medication compliance through its design, but also must play its role in protecting patients' safety, show product integrity, and provide opportunities for product innovation. The drug packaging is equipped with protective devices to prevent accidental or accidental poisoning. In addition to anti-counterfeiting packaging, it can play a role in protecting the safety of patients, showing the integrity of products, and providing opportunities for product innovation. The drug packaging is equipped with protective devices to prevent accidental or accidental poisoning. In addition to anti-counterfeit packaging, it can protect patients. In order to protect children, various child-resistant packagings such as Child Resistant Glass Pre-Roll Tubes have been developed for child-resistant packaging (CRC). The bottle is opened by children. The child-resistant bottle has a double-layer structure inside and outside the lid, which is connected by a card slot. If you want to open the lid, you need to press down the outer lid and rotate the inner lid to open the bottle. The method involves applying force in two directions, thereby improving the safety effect of the bottle and preventing ingestion of medicines.

The structure of child safety packaging is different from that of ordinary packaging bottles on the bottle cap. The child safety packaging is a two-layer structure with two layers inside and outside. The inside of the top of the outer lid and the outside of the top of the inner lid are connected by a card slot to prevent children from opening. There is a medicine compartment on the top of the inner cover. There is a partition in the middle of the medicine compartment. It is divided into two parts, one part is desiccant and the other part is oxygen absorber. If you want to link, the medicine storehouse is a medicine storehouse ventilation hole. There is an inner stopper on the top of the inner lid. The precision match between the inner stopper and the bottle mouth can ensure the tightness of the bottle. The outer ring of the child safety packaging has a safety ring. When the lid is tightened, the safety teeth on the safety ring and the bottle safety teeth will interact with each other. When the bottle is opened, the safety ring will automatically fall off. Child-safe packaging is also a bottle to be promoted in the future, which plays an important role in protecting children from accidentally eating medicines.

The innovation of pharmaceutical packaging has not only played a role in protecting the safety of patients, has brought greater benefits to consumers, but also provided manufacturers with opportunities for innovation, and of course, it has also improved the brand image of manufacturers.

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