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How To Store Medical Marijuana?

Nov. 21, 2019

The ideal place to keep your marijuana is in the basement, cellar or dark, cold place. Heat, light, moisture and exposure to oxygen may dry the pot or cause mold. Here are some tips on how to store medical marijuana by Cannabis Exit Packaging suppliers.

Although the strain preferences of different patients vary widely, each medical cannabis patient seems to agree with this. They want their marijuana to be fresh. Nothing is more perfect than a freshly processed batch of flowers, and ready to smoke. The problem is that the same flowers can get worse over time. How to choose to store your collection will be the difference you will enjoy the same benefits or have to give up after a few months.

The general rule of thumb is that proper storage of marijuana can last for three years. So protect your precious herbs from natural enemies such as light, humidity and mold.

Factors to consider for cannabis storage:

1. Keep light

Light, especially sunlight, may be a major problem with cannabis storage. In fact, ultraviolet light breaks down organic matter over time, degrading cannabinoids and reducing the effectiveness of the flower. The UV effect is one of the main reasons why experts use colored glass containers.

They are like cannabis sunglasses, protecting the THC resin glands we want to keep. Although it can take a long time for your medicine to be damaged, storing it in a dark place (such as a drawer) can eliminate light. It may be a good practice to choose deeper cans such as Child Resistant Glass Jars.

Child Resistant Glass Jars

Child Resistant Glass Jars

2. Maintain temperature

Heat is the biggest enemy of cannabis storage. Temperatures above 70 degrees promote mold growth. As it gets hotter and hotter, your flowers will dry out, causing damage to the terpenes and cannabinoids. As long as the temperature is kept below room temperature, it can be kept in good condition.

3. Don't be too cold

As an alternative to cabinets and drawers, many people think that wrapping marijuana with aluminum foil and putting it in the refrigerator can keep it fresh for a longer period of time. There are several reasons why this method does not work. First, fluctuating temperatures can lower your herbs and cause bacteria to grow.

Second, the low temperature of the refrigerator absorbs moisture and damages the resin glands, causing vibration. The refrigerator is even worse because the temperature can cause the trichome to become an icicle and then break. No one wants this. Unless you never open the refrigerator again, you can trust that your medicine will be damaged.

4. Limit oxygen exposure

At the time of purchase, high grade cannabis has undergone a long curing process, carefully controlling exposure to air during this process. This ensures that the patient receives ready-to-use flowers and retains the total sputum and cannabinoid content.

Once you buy it, you need to make sure your marijuana keeps its freshness and minimizes exposure to the air. The best solution is to seal a container, such as a glass bottle, to form a strong seal around the drug. Of course, there is a little breathing space to help, and using Cannabis Concentrate Packaging is also a good way. Fill the container, but don't fill the container, so there is no space to move.

Be careful when storing medical marijuana. It is best to be picky when storing medicines. Something that loses its aroma and taste is not attractive. Keep in mind that these tips focus on dry cannabis flowers. Food has different requirements, so you should follow standard food storage procedures.

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