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Necessary Smart Packaging For Marijuana

Nov. 14, 2019

Smart design, smart shopping and attention to compliance can make cannabis growers successful in safety, savings and sales. New growers are joining the industry, hoping to take advantage of rapid growth and wider public acceptance of cannabis use. The learning curve for novices and many veterans is steep when it comes to understanding the importance of packaging and branding for their products and how compliance can play a role in packaging selection and order quantity. These factors are an important part of the total cost of goods, regardless of the type of product being sold.

What is a top Cannabis Packaging? How to define packaging: it makes the product safe, convenient, and compliant; it is labeled to promote the product to consumers and its possible impact; it brings compelling brand information to consumers; it applies to the company's economy The model, whether operating in a single state or trying to build a national or international brand.

Concentrate Packaging

Concentrate Packaging

Child protection packaging such as the Child Resistant Glass Jar market is mature and innovative. FunkSac is the third edition of child protection packaging for the cannabis industry. “Just because you have a child-proof contact does not mean that the package is child-protected,” he said. “You have to test all of this, and for food packaging, plastics need to be tested to meet the 16 CFR 1700 [Poison Prevention Packaging Code] certification standard. Therefore, we are exploring different plastics, dealing with resin and film manufacturers, and Innovative research and development by drawing on other industries and proposing our own solutions."

The Child-Guard pod from Presto is one of the most recent anti-child packaging options, mimicking the idea of protecting children from laundry and dishwasher cleaners. FunkSac has obtained a license to sell flexible pods to the cannabis industry and has been launched in the past two years.

A sample of branded containers sold by Cannaline. All of Cannaline's products are recyclable to minimize the impact of landfills, but the company is frustrated by the shortage of raw materials for biodegradable packaging. Medicinal vials are still the most popular choice for medical or casual marijuana children's packaging. “People like to prevent children from using popular bottles because they are all one, so you won't lose the top,” Kovacevich said. The container opens when the consumer squeezes near the top of the vial. To protect children, growers also use traditional rotary vials. Kovacevich said: "We don't think the industry needs to adapt to turning vials because they are so relevant to the pharmaceutical industry, but in the end it remains the main product of child protective packaging." Some states allow cannabis to be placed without child resistance. In the container, if it is delivered to the consumer or patient later, it is transferred to the child protection exit package. Kush Bottles offers The Satchel, a child protection product that looks like a wine bag and is closed with two interlocking tightening mechanisms. FunkSac has launched a similar product called FunkGuard.

Arnold Heckman, chief executive of Cannaline, a Maryland-based company, says many people in the packaging industry are dedicated to the anti-child packaging of marijuana, which specializes in the packaging of the cannabis industry. Therefore, he expects to introduce many new packaging solutions to the market. Cannaline is developing a patent-pending, tamper-proof, resealable bag for flowers, food and any marijuana-related product that requires child protection packaging. It also plans to introduce a new Cannabis Concentrate Packaging.

In an industry that attracts environmentally conscious consumers, some growers try to use environmentally friendly packaging as part of their brand identity. But packaging manufacturers say there are very few economically viable materials that are truly biodegradable. In an industry that is quickly gaining public recognition, seeing increasingly fierce competition and changing regulations, smart design and packaging, and smart shopping can pave the way for many cannabis-related businesses.

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