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What Is A Child-proof Bottle?

Nov. 07, 2019

Do you know what is anti-child opening bottle safety packaging? How can pharmaceutical packaging prevent children from mistaking? The Barrier Bags Factory below will tell you.

Drug anti-child opening bottle Safety packaging refers to the packaging of medicines that children can easily open themselves, but adults can easily open them. The structural design of the child's safety packaging is relatively complex, ensuring that the child cannot open and remove the medicine within a short period of time, posing a hazard.

At present, people are paying more and more attention to the safety of pharmaceutical packaging. Now, some medicine bottles may be put in the house for backup. With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, there are more and more types of products, and the safety of pharmaceutical packaging is becoming more and more innovative. Pay attention to it. If the storage of medicines is not noticed, the nature of the medicines that are damp will be reduced. If there are children in the family who may not pay attention, they will pick up the medicines and cause harm to the children. So now people are paying attention to whether there are medicine bottles that can prevent children from opening, which will reduce the risk of children eating, such as Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles that are already on the market.

Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles

Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles

In the family, children’s curiosity about drugs and reports of ingestion of drugs have also appeared. The use of safer medicine bottles is also a kind of protection for children’s health. This also requires the whole society to work together to maintain healthy growth of children. Bottles opened by children will become even more important in the market in the future.

Today's pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers have introduced anti-child opened bottles on the market, taking into account the safety of the vials. It is somewhat different from the ordinary bottle. The bottle has a different design. The inner and outer double-layer structure of the bottle lid for the child-proof bottle is connected through the card slot. If the lid is opened, the outer cover needs to be Applying force to press down, while driving the inner cover to rotate, can open the bottle, because this opening method involves applying force in two directions, thereby improving the safety of the bottle. When the child gets the medicine bottle, it will not open and protect the safety of the child. At present, the development prospects of anti-child-opening bottles are still relatively good. It is also the key to protecting children in terms of drug safety. The humanization of pharmaceutical packaging is also helping manufacturers to be recognized in the market.

The key to safe opening of medicine anti-child opening bottles is the design of the cap. A medicine bottle that can prevent children from opening at will, belongs to the technical field of medicine packaging bottles, and is used to prevent children from opening the medicine bottles by themselves. The cap has a double-layer structure, the inner cap is screwed to the bottle mouth, and the outer cap is connected to the inner cap. The external force is required to press the outer cover to rotate, so that the bottle cap can be opened, which can effectively prevent the child from opening the cap freely. The bottle cap has a simple structure and convenient use, and can effectively prevent children from opening the cap by themselves, thereby effectively preventing accidents and contaminated drugs caused by children accidentally taking drugs.

The above is a detailed introduction about anti-child opening bottles. If you need this, you can contact us. We are a professional manufacturer of anti-child packaging, and also contain Cannabis Exit Packaging. Welcome everyone to buy.

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