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The Importance of Vape Cartridge Child Proof Packaging

Jun. 17, 2022


Child Resistant Vape Cartridge Paper Tube

An electronic cigarette is an electronic product that imitates a cigarette and has the same look, smoke, taste and feel as a cigarette. It while the smoke oil in it is harmful to the human body, especially to children. Because children are curious and do not have a proper concept of things, they are likely to touch or even eat it by mistake, which eventually leads to physical damage. Therefore, such products with packaging that is harmful to humans need to have child locks and be tested to prevent children from opening the packaging.

Childproof packaging, often referred to as CR packaging, is a special type of packaging used by manufacturers to reduce the risk of children consuming harmful substances. It can be difficult to open child-resistant drug packaging. However, manufacturers have designed them so that most adults can use the contents of the package. Package testing helps determine if the package is usable by adults with disabilities and older adults.


Humanized e-cigarette box packaging can improve the package's protective function for children. So pharmaceutical companies that package in-boxes can start by promoting simple and easy child safety protection measures, such as warnings printed in eye-catching font on the box or drug instructions (e.g., please keep drugs out of the reach of children; accidental ingestion by children may cause life-threatening injuries), which can also serve as child safety protection.

UK health experts want e-cigarette manufacturers to prohibit advertising in a way that appeals to children, including naming e-cigarette products after candy and using cartoon characters. Given that it is illegal to sell e-cigarettes to young people under the age of 18, these are completely inappropriate marketing tactics for manufacturers. Data show that the number of young people who smoke rose sharply during the first new coronavirus blockade. Research suggests that actions to regulate e-cigarette packaging may help reduce the appeal of e-cigarettes to children. Given that some confusion still exists between e-cigarettes and cigarettes, any packaging requirements must clearly distinguish between e-cigarettes and tobacco products.

Accidental injuries to children due to accidental ingestion are the third most common cause of injury. However, these losses can usually be avoided. In addition to guardians taking the necessary protective measures, vigorous efforts to raise awareness of child-safe packaging and promote child-safe packaging methods will be a fundamental way to further reduce the likelihood of unintentional injuries to children.


1ml Vape Cartridge Clamshell Blister Packs

KUSH Packaging sells e-cigarette packaging in a variety of materials and styles, which is one way to protect minors. If you need to purchase one of these packages, contact us today and contribute to the safety of children in our society.

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