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Industrial Hemp Is A New Business Opportunity For Manufacturers

May. 21, 2020

Cannabis Concentrate Packaging Manufacturer says it is predicted that by 2025, as the popularity of products increases and prices fall, the leisure marijuana market will grow by 36.4%. With the increasing legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis across the United States, more and more consumers are beginning to understand the advantages of Cannabis Concentrate Packaging and the market has also undertaken a series of innovations.

As of January 2020, industrial cannabis has been legalized in 11 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., but the situation in each state often changes, so companies need to adjust their operations according to different local regulations. In addition, each state has different advertising regulations. Manufacturers and sellers need to understand the latest market research. The legal requirements for packaging, trademarks and marketing in this industry can be complex. Although such products have just been legalized, some manufacturers with flexible solutions have adapted well to changing consumer needs.

As with any product or service, many people agree that a company's "half of the success lies in marketing." For industrial cannabis companies, a large portion of their marketing and branding programs are on packaging and trademarks. However, limited by the packaging instructions of the medical industry, products in this industry face the same severe challenges. The good news is that many manufacturers meet these requirements by providing diverse services. Star Label Products offer customized trademark options for their products, customized according to state regulations to ensure that all legal requirements are met. For example, cannabis products are legally required to provide the following information on their labels: cannabis strain name, test date, laboratory name and test number confirmation, net weight (grams), CBD%, and THC%. Products in this industry are usually small in size, so a large amount of information needs to be printed on a small surface. Health warning signs must also appear and be printed in specific colours. Because there are so many restrictions, trademark manufacturers face the challenges of bulk packaging and a large number of trademark orders. Trademark manufacturers should increase their digital printing capabilities to meet changing industry needs.

Child Resistant Tins

Child Resistant Tins

The industrial cannabis industry is booming in the digital world. For companies in this industry, Forbes believes that it is important to use current customer data to understand information about people who interact with brands or buy your products. The government has issued new regulations to restrict consumers ’access to physical stores due to the epidemic, so many industrial cannabis companies this year have relied heavily on social media and e-commerce platforms to promote products to consumers. Manufacturers should also use this as an important opportunity to improve their e-commerce image. Industrial cannabis companies need to seek manufacturing partners who can increase their influence in an ever-evolving market while being able to manage themselves under complex regulations.

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