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Do You Understand The Packaging Design Of Legalized Marijuana?

Jun. 08, 2020

We once wrote, "If selling marijuana and psychedelics is legal, what should its specialty store look like?" "This shop is in the Netherlands where marijuana is "legalized". Talking about the "colour change" of marijuana, as usual, the colour vortex appears in my mind. Unlike the red, yellow and green flag of Rastafarian, this store looks very restrained, and the cement is grey. The cold tone of the fluorescent lamp, the grey wooden beam like a labyrinth looks sharp and angular, and it seems that it can't be connected with cannabis at all.

"This is nothing to hide, on the contrary, we should make a more open gesture." The shop owner said. In line with this attitude, there is another case. Young graphic designer Nathan Sharp had the same idea when designing packaging for Kiva's cannabis snacks.



These so-called cannabis snacks, which inject cannabis ingredients into chocolate, they also have a hallucinogenic effect. So the most important thing is a medical warning. It can be seen that the front of the KIVA package in the picture above has “Medical Cannabis” capitalized on it, with different dosages indicated. The warning is placed at the bottom: This product has a high dose of THC, please stay away from children. After this chocolate is opened, you can still see the warning language: first taste one, then wait two hours to see the response before saying.

For Nathan Sharp, clearly identifying the ingredients, dosage and warnings of cannabis products means a lot. First, try to prevent people from buying by mistake. Second, this is a way to "normalize" cannabis products. Exaggerating the hallucinogenic effects of cannabis and avoiding the medicinal reactions that cannabis may cause will only make the soft drug cannabis more mysterious and special. It is a secret among "addicts".

This is obviously not what Nathan Sharp and KIVA wanted. As a businessman, Scott Palmer, one of the founders of KIVA, said: "We want people to taste cannabis snacks in a safe manner in a private environment." Yes, when you are still demonizing cannabis, some people may be so Feeling new and excited, others will feel uneasy.

In addition, the packaging of KIVA's cannabis snacks does not look conspicuous. The pattern of half a cannabis leaf, the original colour of the cardboard is the bottom, and it is not incompatible to put them with energy bars and handmade chocolates-at first glance, Even a little bit of "natural formula" "organic food" feeling.

To date, only a few states in the United States have a Cannabis Concentrate Packaging, but in recent years, this matter is being pushed forward. The standardization of the packaging of cannabis products is still unavailable, most of them are still in the level of plastic bags, and at most one small glass bottle. "This field is still open, and I think we can become a reference standard.

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