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Mylar Bags – How They Work And Why You Should Use Them

Sep. 12, 2020

Mylar is the brand name for a special type of polyester film, developed by DuPont in the 1950’s. Several properties including high tensile strength, chemical stability, gas and odour barriers made Mylar Bags the first choice for long term storage of a variety of products.

They are used to help protect valuables, ammunition and medical supplies from general corrosion that comes with varying weather and heat conditions. But the use people are more familiarized with is food packing.

Coffee beans, chips, beef jerky, food supplements, spices, and other products that would smell bad and lose taste when exposed to light and moisture are packed with Mylar.

Extremely light, flexible, but yet durable and strong, this material provides isolating barrier properties that protect goods from the effects of oxygen, moisture and light penetration. Once sealed, they’ll isolate the product inside from the outside conditions.

As the food industry has already demonstrated, Mylar bags are the ideal way for long term storage of food or to simply extend shelf life.

Good for food, good for Cannabis

Now that Cannabis has been legalized, there’s lot more new shops opening, a lot more products to choose from and, of course, more competition.

Long gone are those days when marijuana was packed in sandwich bags, foil or plastic. It’s time to become more professional and evaluate how to best package your products.

If you have ever worked for a dispensary, or if you are a grower or just an informed user, you know that we’re dealing with a very sensitive plant that demands lots of work. Even after the curing process, a lot of care should go into preserving the product, especially when packing for sale.

Mylar bags are made of metalized plastic that provides an opacity that is great for many foods, and especially for Cannabis, where discretion is desirable.

Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags

Get professional

Packaging and labelling became a sensible issue for dispensaries and smoke shops, as they have to comply with a number of regulations.  Mylar bags are an affordable, attractive and safe way to pack medical or recreational marijuana products.

Able to preserve freshness, they can be used to pack buds, edibles and concentrates. Discreet and smell proof, they are a great option to be used as exit bags. They also help reinforce your brand as you can have your dispensary or smoke shop name printed or labelled on them.

Advantages of Mylar bags

Free of toxins – unlike plastic, they don’t give toxic chemicals to the buds

Sealable – bags can be sealed for absolutely tight closure

Reusable – after tearing, bags can be resealed (useful for multiple doses in a single package)




Extremely tear resistant

Hygienic packaging for edibles, concentrates and raw buds

Suitable for freezing

Meet the requirements for Cannabis packaging

Long Term Storage

Have you ever wondered how you can store your valuable buds permanently after harvesting and drying? Preserving jars may be a great method, but buds lose their flavour when stored long term. That’s why you should get a professional way to store your Cannabis which can last for years.

So that you can store your Cannabis long term, you have to create a suitable environment for the buds. Humidity, temperature and condition of the buds must be correct.


Cool and stable temperature

No oxygen exposure

As little air as possible to reduce risk of mould

Tight vessels for light control

Material that doesn’t release chemicals

So, if you were looking for a package that could be discreet upon exit but that reinforced your brand as well, one that met legal requirements for labelling and packaging, while preserving freshness of the product, Mylar bags are the best solution for you.

Look no more, Contact Mylar Bags Factory if you need more information about this versatile solution for packing Cannabis concentrates, edibles and vapes and ask mylar bags factory about sizes available and anything else you need.

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