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How to Pack Dry Food in Polyester Film Bags?

Jul. 27, 2021

The world around us is getting a little crazy and stocking up on food for emergencies seems like a very smart choice. One way to package dry goods (such as rice and beans) for long-term storage is to use mylar bags. Mylar Bag Suppliersshare with you about the advantages of mylar bag packaging and food options:

What is a mylar bag?

Mylar bags are made of multiple layers of laminated food-grade plastic and aluminum. Food will not react with aluminum because it is separated by the food-grade plastic lining. Polyester film bags provide a good barrier to light, moisture and oxygen to protect the food inside the bag. Make sure the bags you buy are high quality and designed for storing food.

Advantages of mylar bags for storing dry foods:

Polyester film bags provide an effective barrier to light, moisture and insects. They create a good oxygen barrier, which removes oxygen and extends the shelf life of food

Bags can be made in a variety of sizes. Some are small enough to seal a packet of garden seeds for storage, others are large enough to fill a 5-gallon bucket, and mylar bags can be washed and reused after the original seal is cut.

Dry foods can be easily packed and sealed at home with an iron or even a hair straightener.

Mylar Bag

Mylar Bag

Good dry food options for storage in Mylar bags:

You should only pack storable foods with low oil and moisture content. Ideally, long-term storage foods should have a moisture content of 10% or less.

Dry foods such as wheat, white rice, beans, pasta, oats, sugar and flour are examples of foods that store well in Mylar Bags, and freeze-dried foods also store well in Mylar bags.

You can package dehydrated fruits and vegetables in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers as long as the product is completely dry. It should break and not just bend. Storing moist food in a low-oxygen environment can lead to botulism. Don't take any chances!

Foods that should not be packaged in Mylar bags

Brown rice has a high oil content and a short shelf life. Foods with high moisture or oil content such as raisins, nuts, granola bars, chocolate chips, cookies and crisps are not suitable for long-term storage in Mylar bags.

Choosing the right Mylar bag to store your food

A variety of Mylar bags or pouches are available. Choosing the right kind is important if you want your food to be stored for a long time. Food storage is an investment worth protecting.

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