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Packaging Promotion Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Dec. 21, 2021

As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, new opportunities for cannabis businesses are emerging every day. There are key things you can do to effectively brand your product and help grow the industry as a whole. That's why KUSH Packaging  brings you branding tips. 

Packaging Promotion Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Know your target market

Of course, some of the most important branding tips for any business are crucial for businesses in emerging industries. Every branding and marketing decision depends on who you are marketing to, so you need to thoroughly understand who that is. Ask yourself what other brands your ideal customer uses and check out their packaging.

Have the right packaging

It's vital that cannabis businesses market their products with sophisticated branding, and modern packaging is a big part of that. All of these branding tips are true. At KUSH, we understand the unique needs of legal cannabis businesses, and we create child proof packaging that both protects your product and showcases it in the best possible way.Our company has been in the packaging business for years, so trust us.

Packaging Promotion Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Don't use cartoons

Cartoons on adult products are a major no-no and can lead to the demise of your brand. Of course, you can have fun with your branding. You can even have some hand-drawn logos or pictures of cute animals if it suits your style, but be very, very careful when it comes to hand-drawn elements. You will never be seen as marketing marijuana to children.

Recreational and medical markets

If you're selling to recreational cannabis users, your branding should be very different from branding products aimed at medical cannabis patients.For example, recreational products can be more fun, and medical products will use medical imagery and a more modern, sparse design that reflects this in your logo and packaging.

Packaging Promotion Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Get on the right side of the law

We've mentioned this before, but these branding tips are worth repeating: check the local cannabis laws in your area. Then comply with them completely. In fact, be overly cautious, even online. Also check the legality of your online marketing so you can maintain your status as a legal marijuana business.

You're marketing a lifestyle

So far, this advice sounds like your branding must be tedious and boring, but that's not the case. Your main focus should be on selling sophisticated lifestyle products. Brand your cannabis packages so that they match the rest of your products.

Packaging Promotion Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Please contact KUSH to get your unique packaging, we have different styles and materials for you.

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