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Plastic or Glass, Opaque or Transparent, Which Is Better to Keep Flowers?

Sep. 14, 2021

You might be wondering about the most effective methods to save your blossoms. That's where we come in with this post. KUSH Packaging supplies top-notch marijuana storage space items in various styles and also dimensions, so your dispensary can impress your customers while maintaining your blossoms fresh.

Most dispensaries select to save their blossoms in plastic or glass containers. Plastic and also glass storage space for marijuana each deal advantages for both the dispensary and also the consumer. Allow's begin with some history details on plastic as well as glass storage space.


People plan to use plastic as well as glass containers to shop, screen, and transport marijuana flower. While lots of people think that dispensaries need glass or plastic storage the most, growers are another branch of the cannabis industry that benefits from it.

When examining all the various parts of high quality marijuana storage space, priority is frequently offered to maintaining quality. Expanding the life of the flower helps make the most of revenues while giving dispensary consumers with an item they more than happy with.

If you are a dispensary owner, you need to make certain that your storage space containers are in compliance with state policies. If you live in a location with children five years of ages or younger, child-safe product packaging is an exceptional possession to assist promote liable blossom storage space.

Child-safe product packaging is readily available wholesale with KUSH.

Plastic or Glass, Opaque or Transparent, Which Is Better to Keep Flowers?

14g (1/2oz) Child Resistant Weed Packaging Mylar Bags


Now that we've highlighted several of the standard concerns bordering glass as well as plastic cannabis storage, allow's break down the value factors for each selection: the


Aesthetic appeal is vital to making a positive first impression and also sealing the deal with possible dispensary clients.

When it concerns visual worth, glass storage space of flowers ranks on top. There's a factor several dispensaries show their products in glass containers. Glass adds an extra element of design as well as allows dispensary consumers to easily view flower items.

Plastic is often more affordable than glass. If you own a dispensary and also display top quality floral products in plastic storage space, people visiting that dispensary might connect the items with affordable or substandard items. When thinking about aesthetic appeal - glass is constantly worth a couple of added dollars.

Plastic or Glass, Opaque or Transparent, Which Is Better to Keep Flowers?

3oz glass weed jar with child proof bamboo lid

Storage and Transportation

Discretion and also benefit are crucial when saving or carrying marijuana flowers. If you are traveling with blossoms or keeping them, then no person wants to take care of solid odors.

Plastic and also glass work together in their capacity to create a limited seal, minimize item odor and keep quality. plastic ziplock bags from KUSH packaging give easy accessibility for consumers. Glass containers are just as airtight and shield the integrity of the flowers.

While both plastic and glass containers do the job when keeping and also carrying blossoms, plastic is much more frequently used because of its reduced expense as well as higher toughness. Mistakenly dropping a glass flower holder can lead to damage to the storage device, while plastic is not fragile.

When looks are essential, glass storage space might be best for your flowers. Plastic storage space can be a terrific option when looking for toughness and inexpensive alternatives.

Whether you like to save your blossoms in glass or plastic, KUSH container offers a series of items created to keep your cannabis fresh, safe and also discreet. Contact us today to provide protection for your cannabis flower and marijuana concentrates.

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