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The Most Effective Way To Prevent Children From Taking Medicines By Mistake

Dec. 12, 2019

How to prevent children from taking medicine by mistake? Legislation can be used to improve drug packaging, and parental custody responsibilities are also important. After investigation, it is the most fundamental and effective way to prevent children from accidentally taking medicines by formulating laws or regulations on child-resistant packaging. Compared with some developed countries, China's child safety packaging standardization is in its infancy. In addition, the most effective way to prevent children from taking medicines by mistake is to pack the medicines in children's safety. The following PET Dropper Bottles Supplier will introduce them in detail.

First of all, parents lack safety awareness. They should store medicines centrally and choose a simple home medicine box with a lock. When children take medicine, do not coax their children into candy, but tell them the correct name and use of the medicine. Strong, easy to imitate the actions of adults, should avoid taking medicine in front of children; secondly, there are no clear laws or regulations; finally, cost issues, companies rarely take the initiative to adopt child-resistant packaging. To prevent children from taking medicines by mistake, parents should pay attention to choosing medicines in child-safe packaging as much as possible, and store medicines out of the reach of children.

Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles

Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles

There are many aspects to consider when designing plastic bottles for pharmaceutical packaging, and children's accidental consumption of drugs is often reported. Because children are immature in behavior and cognition, they are curious about things. Without adults paying attention, they open some plastic bottles of chemicals or medicines, and even erroneous results have irreparable consequences.

Therefore, when designing plastic bottles, you need to design some bottles that prevent children from opening, such as Child Resistant Glass Jars, which has a profound and positive effect. The container with a child-resistant container is designed to be designed for child safety. The opening method of the child-resistant combination bottle cap requires the bottle cap to be pressed down and rotated, and the bottle cap must be pressed at the same time to rotate. The bottle cap is opened, otherwise, no matter how it is rotated or how much force it can not be opened, this will prevent children from accidents.

Preventing children from opening the combined bottle cap can effectively prevent children from opening the bottle cap. The growth of children cannot be separated from parental supervision. It also requires the corporate society to work together!

What are the child-resistant drug packaging? Pressing the screw cap bottle has poor coordination ability for children, and it is impossible to complete the complicated movements relative to children by pressing, then pressing, and then rotating. Pulling the cap and opening the type requires the friction between the customer service plug and the bottle mouth, and the child's strength is small and difficult. Opening will be completed; the labyrinth cover requires adults to recognize and remember a series of actions to open the bottle cap; there are also Child Resistant Pop Top Bottles and so on.

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