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How To Prevent Children From Taking Medication By Mistake?

Dec. 05, 2019

The safety issues of children at home should not be underestimated. Not only to prevent injuries such as burns, falls, electric shock, etc., you should also pay special attention to prevent children from taking medicine by mistake. Ingesting medicines can harm children as much as other accidents. Drugs need to be metabolized by the liver. Children's physical development is incomplete. If they are mistakenly taken, they will cause more serious injuries than adults. So how do you prevent your child from taking medication by mistake? Barrier Bags Factory will sort out three points for attention below, and parents are invited to learn!

1. Store properly

Improper storage is closely related to children taking medications by mistake, which leads to an increased chance of children taking medications by mistake. Therefore, as a parent, you must properly collect the medicine at home. The medicines are stored and locked in a special medicine box, and the remaining medicines should be collected immediately after taking each medicine. If guests come home, remind them to collect their medicines.

When storing medicines, it is best to separate adult medicines from children's medicines, and separate external medicines from oral medicines to avoid wrong use. The medicine is best stored in the Child Resistant Glass Jars, and placed in a small medicine box, and placed as "higher and farther" as possible, so that it is not easy for children to reach. Certain special medications should also be kept in locked drawers if necessary. In addition, it is necessary to develop the habit of keeping the packaging and instructions of medicines for easy inquiry.

Child Resistant Glass Jars

Child Resistant Glass Jars

2. Check the dose

The most appropriate method is to follow the doctor's instructions. It is not advisable to take the medicine casually. Every time you give your child medicine, carefully check the label on the medicine package to ensure that the child is being given the correct medicine and dosage. It is best to double check before feeding. Many parents said that they used ordinary spoons to measure their children's dosage. Even small differences in dosage for adults can cause huge harm to children. Many children's special dosage forms have already adjusted the dosage, or equipped with special measuring tools, which can solve this problem. However, care should be taken when using these gages. If the dropper of the suspension should be cleaned, shake it well before use.

In addition to considering the age of children, the dose of medication should also pay attention to weight. When the child is taking prescription drugs, if the child is fat, you should consult a doctor to choose the appropriate dose, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the corresponding treatment effect. If your child vomits a large amount of medicine within 1 hour after taking the medicine, he should consider taking it up, but if it is caused by drug irritation, it is recommended to consult a doctor or pharmacist and choose the appropriate feeding method. Your child's weight will continue to change as you grow up. You should also pay attention to adjusting the dose as prescribed by your doctor.

3. Beware of behavior

The health of a child cannot be separated from the care of parents. Don't lie to your child when they give the medicine that it is candy, because he may think that it is really candy and try it yourself when you are not paying attention. To prevent children from taking medications because of curiosity, parents should first tell their children why they should take them. When you are not sick, taking medicines may cause serious consequences. Second, be sure not to expose your child to the medicine alone. If the parent needs to leave during the feeding process, the medication must be collected. In order to avoid the tragedy caused by imitation, parents should avoid their children when taking medication and keep the medication properly. In addition, some medicines now use safety bottle caps that are not easy for children to open, and families with conditions can choose such packaged medicines to better prevent children from taking them by mistake.

Parents should educate their children about the dangers of drugs from a young age and must take them under parental supervision. And tell children from an early age that what is food and what is medicine, instill their clear sense of discrimination, and when they encounter something from unknown sources, ask the parents if they can eat it and avoid poison from the mouth. This is the Cannabis Packaging supplier introduced to everyone how to prevent children from taking medication by mistake. Have you learned it?

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