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Teach You To Identify Toxic Plastic Bags

Aug. 29, 2019

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Child Resistant Bags

Child Resistant Bags

The plastic bag is made of plastic film, which is very convenient for holding food or other daily necessities.

There are two main types of plastic bags, one is non-toxic, they are made of polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine, which can be used to hold food; the other is toxic, they are made of vinyl chloride. In addition, this can only be used for general packaging, such as the danger of poisoning with its packaged food.

How to distinguish between these two plastic bags?

(1) Put the plastic bag in the water and press it to the bottom of the water by hand. Wait a moment, the non-toxic plastic bag will float out of the water, and the toxic plastic bag will sink under the water.

(2) Touching the surface of the plastic bag by hand, it is very smooth and non-toxic. If the color is mixed, it is sticky and sticky, which is toxic.

(3) When shaking the plastic bag with your hand, the sound is very clear. It is a non-toxic plastic bag. If the sound is boring or there is no sound, it is a poisonous plastic bag.

(4) Burning: Cut the plastic bag into a corner, put it on the fire, burn it without poison, burn it, leave it burning, continue to burn, and appear a yellow flame, and melt down like a candle. It smells like paraffin; it is toxic, not easy to burn, it is green after burning, and it has a smell of nose.

(5) smell: irritating and irritating and other abnormal odors, mostly toxic, or may be excessive plasticizers or other additives, the quality is poor.

Food bags on the market can be like dry, wet, raw and cooked foods. They are safe and non-toxic. Plastic bags for food packaging in food factories and candied factories are of course non-toxic. Plastic bags used to package daily goods, clothes, footwear, electrical appliances, and hardware parts may be toxic and should not contain food.

Non-toxic plastic bags are usually made of polyethylene, while toxic plastic bags are made of polyvinyl chloride. Since there is an unpolymerized vinyl chloride monomer in the polyvinyl chloride resin, this is a compound which is toxic to the human body. In addition, in the process of processing polyvinyl chloride resin into plastic bags, some auxiliary materials such as plasticizers, stabilizers and pigments are added, and some auxiliary materials are toxic. These toxic substances are easy to be used. The oil or water in the food is extracted and eaten with the food, which is harmful to human health.

The polyvinyl chloride resin itself is non-toxic. If the free vinyl chloride monomer is reduced to a small amount when producing a polyvinyl chloride resin, a non-toxic polyvinyl chloride plastic bag can be produced by strictly selecting a non-toxic auxiliary material when the finished product is produced.

Polyethylene plastic bags and PVC plastic bags are generally difficult to distinguish. It can be easily identified by burning. Polyethylene can burn, the flame is blue, the upper end is yellow, and it smells like paraffin when burning; PVC is extremely difficult to burn, yellow when it is on fire, green outside.

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