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Which Kind of Concentrate Packaging is Suitable for Cosmetics?

Oct. 28, 2020

Recently, everyone is saying that Concentrate Packaging in jars is illusory, but they look good, but they are useless to preserve the effective ingredients of cosmetics. What is the truth? Let’s start with what is Concentrate Packaging.

1.Concentrate Packaging

Mainly refers to the bottle opening is very large, you can directly use your fingers to dig in, more common in facial creams, masks, and your large washbasin.

Some people say: The packaging of concentrate packaging is just good-looking and will make all the active ingredients ineffective.

Because the visual effect of jars is more atmospheric and luxurious, many brands use such packaging to enhance the brand image, and to be more straightforward is to increase the price. And some effective ingredients, especially antioxidants, will lose their

Effective, no matter how expensive the ingredients are, it makes no sense. When the fingers are in use, large areas of contact with the product can also cause pollution to the product. It is best not to dig and stir the skincare products in the bottle with your fingers, so as to avoid bacterial infection to the unused part of the bottle. It is recommended to use a digging stick or a disposable cotton swab.

Some people say: Concentrate Packaging is actually not harmful, as long as it contains cream jars, the ingredients may not be volatilized.

The wild-mouth bottle obviously has his reason, so expensive is no joke! Antioxidant ingredients are indeed Keep away from air, light, and heat. Therefore, antioxidant ingredients should be stored in a tightly closed bottle in a cool place. However, even if it is an antioxidant component that is ineffective when exposed to air, it is only ineffective on the surface, and deep components will still be effective. The texture of the cream is relatively viscous, with oily ingredients, and only when moisture evaporates will it come into contact with the air. The ingredients of oils and fats block the volatilization of water, so the effective ingredients can be locked in the deep layer. The essence is easy to evaporate, so it is not suitable.

Since jars are so susceptible to contamination, the digging stick cannot be spared! We do not live in a sterile environment. The practical digging stick is the same as hand digging. The premise is to ensure the cleanliness of the digging tool, and After opening the bottle cap, tighten the bottle cap as quickly as possible. Use and store carefully, so you don't have to negate all the jars.

Concentrate Packaging

Concentrate Packaging

2. The most stable and most reassuring material-glass for Concentrate Packaging.

The advantages of glass concentrate containers: heat resistance, light resistance, solvent resistance, absolutely wins. The darker the color, the more conducive to the preservation of anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and whitening skincare products, because these ingredients are highly active and are easily affected by light. Therefore, unless it is low-quality glass, the most suitable home for skincare products is glass containers.

The disadvantage of glass concentrate containers: In addition to being easy to break and not being a toy for children, there are basically no shortcomings. Of course, if you know that it is made of glass, it will definitely not be placed where it is easy to be touched.

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