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Concentrate Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

Jul. 09, 2022

As the market for cannabis concentrates continues to grow, so does the demand for concentrate containers. The fragility of cannabis concentrates makes it necessary for high-quality concentrate containers to maintain the integrity of the contents. The key to proper concentration storage is minimizing exposure to heat, moisture and oxygen, all of which can alter potency, flavor and texture.

Glass Containers

Glass jars hold softer concentrates, such as buds and sauces, and are the best choice for long-term storage. Quality glass is naturally impervious to water and prevents UV rays from degrading the product. Glass is for consumers looking for class and function.

Stylish glass cannabis container packaging will reveal the quality of your concentrate. Fitted lids protect the potency of the product, prevent leakage and keep it fresh. Stylish top-shelf glass jars with screw-on or snap-on lids can display up to one gram of cannabis concentrate.

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Silicone jars

Silicone jars can be easily accessed and removed to hold almost any concentration of concentrate. They are unbreakable and aesthetically pleasing. They may be more expensive, but they are not sticky. However, they are not suitable for long-term storage because they are not airtight.

Polystyrene Containers: Polystyrene Hemp Container Packaging Designed to be easy to use, the containers have easy-to-use screw-on lids. Some people don't mind the simplicity of using polystyrene plastic containers for concentrates.

Plastic cans

Liquid concentrates, such as hash oil, can be sold in plastic cans because they have a flowing consistency, but this is a very short-term storage solution.

Concentrate containers should be as small as possible to minimize excess air. There should not be too much extra space.

For short-term storage, room temperature is acceptable, but for long-term storage, containers must be airtight and storage in a refrigerator or freezer should be considered.


Customized Options

The packaging industry has moved away from the days when white label plastic and glass jars were the only options. When it comes to bottle closures, pop top and push-turn systems have been used for many years. Now closures must be child safe and senior friendly, which can be challenging.

KUSH's childproof concentrate containers are fully customizable and offer an innovative childproof solution for storing concentrates. Unique, stylish and sleek glass containers display shelf-stable products designed to extend shelf life and product quality.

Final Words

The nature of concentrates requires special packaging. Most are viscous and using the right container means less waste. Choose the highest quality concentrate containers and your concentrates will remain effective and viable for months and months.

KUSH can provide custom printing for concentrate containers. The design team focuses on creating custom cannabis packaging that is as unique as the products they package, making them stand out in any dispensary. There are many ways you can customize your concentrate packaging to make your brand more noticeable. Contact us for a quote now!

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