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How Essential Oil Droppers Can Work for Your Products

Mar. 14, 2022

You want your products to reflect quality, design, service and professionalism. When you invest in the details, you invest in your brand. Start by choosing the right dropper insert to make your packaged essential oils the perfect detail in your consumers' lives. From an early morning pick-me-up to a more restful night's sleep, your essential oils should be a small detail that really makes them happy.

How Essential Oil Droppers Can Work for Your Products

How it works

The dropper cap assembly dropper insert is suitable for rigid containers, including rigid plastic and glass dropper bottles. Because you can't squeeze glass containers, oil droppers are a popular alternative. However, essential oils can erode the rubber in the pipette.

This is where essential oil dropper inserts step in. The dropper insert is more than just a throttle hole for essential oils. Designed with 4 elements, the dropper insert offers a better user experience than the orifice reducer for essential oils.

After deciding on your preferred style of dripper insert, you are ready to start filling it. The components you will need are: a dropper insert, a dropper bottle with an 18 DIN neck, and an 18 DIN dropper cap.

Dropper Flow Rate

To provide your customers with the best oil experience, you should optimize the drip insert selection for each oil to obtain the best flow rate. Drip inserts are very effective for controlling the flow of liquid in the bottle. When inserted correctly, droplets will begin to flow within 3 seconds of placing the bottle upside down or at an angle.

If the product does not begin to flow in approximately 3-5 seconds, or - once flowing - the droplets take longer than 3 seconds to dispense, then it may be the surface tension of the product or the viscosity of the product that is beginning to play a role.

Change the dropper selection to increase or decrease the flow rate to provide the best experience for your customers.

How Essential Oil Droppers Can Work for Your Products

Select Size

Choose a larger liquid outlet (orifice size) to increase droplet flow or to handle thicker products.

To reduce the flow rate or handle less viscous products, select a smaller orifice size.

In addition to liquid orifices, different air orifice sizes can be selected to increase or decrease droplet flow.

To help you choose the perfect flow rate for a variety of products, KUSH Packaging can customize dropper inserts for you with different orifice sizes.

Considering how the viscosity of each concentrate blend varies, you will need to experiment to find the perfect flow rate.

How to use a dropper

Essential Oil Droppers If you are in the cosmetic essential oil business, you know that users tend to turn the bottle upside down and start shaking it to release the product. They do this because their minds realize that they can't squeeze the glass bottle - but will soon spill the product.

The key to making sure your customers are very happy with your oil is to indicate on your packaging how to use the product and encourage users to let the dropper insert do all the work.

If your product uses a vertical dripper, instruct the user to turn the bottle upside down 180 degrees. They should then allow the pressure differential to occur. As the oil drops fall, air will enter with the right amount of oil dispensed.

How Essential Oil Droppers Can Work for Your Products

At KUSH, we offer convenience and accessibility. Our mission is to provide you with the materials you need so you can provide your customers with efficient essential oil applications. What kind of details do you leave your customers with? If you need a partner, please contact us today.

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