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How to Keep Children Away from the Dangers of Cannabis?

Sep. 13, 2022

On the eve of Halloween 2020, the Indiana State Police issued a warning via Facebook, reminding parents to carefully check Halloween candy and never mix cannabis candy into it to prevent children from accidentally ingesting it. What is the reason behind this? Follow Kush to find out!


Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box

Child Resistant Edibles Tin Box


Teenagers frequently eat cannabis snacks by mistake


◆This is not an unfounded worry. There are some packages that look like candy and you have to look closely to see the word 'medicinal'."


◆Beth, a mother in Florida, released a video not long ago complaining about the dangers of cannabis candy for children. In the video, the daughter Ortem lying in the emergency vehicle, dazed, pupils disoriented, body uncontrollable like violent shaking, a side of the medical staff how can not press her. Beth said her daughter was in the 5th grade, on her way home from school, she received a "fudge" from a boy her age and vomited after eating it. This piece of candy, in fact, contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), commonly known as cannabis candy.


◆Two teenagers in Wyoming were also transferred to Denver Children's Hospital in Colorado by plane because of serious adverse reactions caused by eating cannabis gummies.


◆The emergency room doctor said, "Since the legalization of cannabis snacks and recreational cannabis, the emergency room always sees 20 to 100 cases of teens who 'get high' and overdose on Friday and Saturday nights." The victim students said they thought they were eating regular fudge, so they each ate four or five of them.


◆From the outer packaging, cannabis candy is labeled with THC content, but at first glance it is difficult to distinguish between teenagers, who may have consumed it out of curiosity, and children of a much younger age group, who have little ability to distinguish between cannabis candy and regular candy.


Large Child Resistant Exit Bags

Large Child Resistant Exit Bags


Avoiding children from accidentally consuming cannabis starts with changing the packaging.


◆Sarana Sommano, a professor at Chiang Mai University, believes that the problem of teenagers accidentally consuming cannabis may not be due to the legalization of cannabis, but to the fact that the businesses or parents concerned have not considered the relevant details and adopted the wrong packaging.


Childproof packaging, often called CR packaging, is a special type of packaging that manufacturers use to reduce the risk of children ingesting harmful substances. Children have difficulty opening this type of packaging, which can effectively reduce the risk of children accidentally ingesting cannabis.


Kush began as a manufacturer of industrial flexible plastic packaging, designing and producing different types of bags for the food and beverage and cannabis industries. Building on the success of our industrial flexible packaging, we expanded into cannabis packaging and became a professional cannabis packaging solutions provider.


◆ All of our cannabis packaging options include kid-proof bags, kid-proof glass jars, and kid-proof cans, and are available in a variety of sizes. Designed for beauty, ease of use, and many child safety compatible features! Come to shop for the right item for you and leave us a comment!

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