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Why Childproof Packaging Can Ensure Safety

Oct. 27, 2021

The safety of children is at the forefront of every family and there are many safety hazards in many home environments when it comes to the safety of children. Childproof cans are designed to prevent children from accidentally taking medication by storing certain oral varieties of adult medication (e.g. cardiovascular, hypertension, psychotropic, etc.) in a form that cannot be easily opened by children.

The principle behind the design of the anti-opening safety bottle is that the lid of a food, medicine, cosmetic or chemical product is set up in two layers so that the lid cannot be opened if only the outer layer is rotated by force. To open the lid, the outer layer is pressed down into the bottle and the inner layer is rotated to open the lid. As this method of opening involves force in two directions, it makes it more difficult for children to open the lid, thus increasing safety.


An increasing number of countries such as the USA, the EU and the UK are introducing child-resistant pharmaceutical packaging. In fact, in addition to some dangerous medicines, there are many other places in life where we can use child-resistant packaging bags, which KUSH Packaging shares with you.

Why Childproof Packaging Can Ensure Safety

3oz child proof matte black glass jar with gold lid

Various medicines

Many children see their parents taking certain medicines and think "that might taste good". They can't help but imitate their parents and may accidentally eat the cannabis. Keep all dangerous chemicals in the home under lock and key, and keep all medicines in a locked place. Another is to keep these items in bags that children cannot open, for example by using child-proof bags.


Sharp objects

It is expected that most families collect these items without a small reminder. A sharp knife such as a kitchen knife, scissors, razors, needles, forks and nails.

Sewing needles and pins are the easiest for children to get hold of and the most likely to cause them injury. You will need a tin childproof jar to store these sharp items.


Small items

Children can't help but put things in their mouths when they are playing. When parents buy toys, please be careful and try to choose ones that are large and not easily stuffed into the mouth. We often hear stories of choking caused by misplaced pen caps and playdough.

Small items in the home, such as buttons, batteries and pendants, should also be packed away. Keep these items in the KUSH Barrier Bags so that children cannot touch them.



The childproof opening combination bottle cap can effectively prevent children from opening the cap. Children's development cannot be achieved without parental supervision also requires the joint efforts of the corporate community. Please contact us and leave us a message and we'll answer your questions and give you the quotations as soon as possible.

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